Are fire Pokemon dangerous?

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yes because this is fire you can hurt ittt
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How is fire dangerous?

It will burn you, or produce poisonous smoke and gases, and damageproperty.

Why is fire dangerous?

Fire is extremaly hot and it can burn of your skin and you could also die. Don't go near fire!

Why are the false fire alarms dangerous?

They are dangerous because while they are going to a false call, their can be a real serious call and insted of going to the real call they go to the person who called first

Is the ring of fire dangerous?

Yes, it is very dangerous because of where it is located and a lot of earthquakes and volcano's and tsunami happen there.

Are fire bellied toads dangerous?

No, not really, it's just you should wear special gloves when you hold them. They have toxic in their skin and so do we, to them. We are hurting their skin each time we hold t

How dangerous are forest fires?

Severely. Forest fires are extremely hard to contain and the unlimited surrounding trees provide excellent fuel for the fire to keep burning.

What are the dangers of Halon in fire extinguishers?

Halon inhalation can affect the cardiovascular and nervous system and can cause death in humans and other mammals at HIGH CONCENTRATIONS. It also displaces breathable air w
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What are the dangers of a fire?

Controlled fires are dangerous with the amount of smoke they release as well as the possibility of embers sparking off. There is also a common problem of putting out fires but
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What dangers do fires have?

Wildfires may put the lives, health and safety of firefighters in jeopardy. Wildfires kill animals and damage habitat, and may increase runoff pollution. Valuable timber or
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Why fire smoke is so dangerous?

Because, it's bad for you. When you breathe in the smoke, it just is! Everyone knows that! :D