Are flu like symptoms such as body aches and aching eyes symptoms of pregnancy because you have heard flu like symptoms can happen in pregnancy?

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You may have body aches but aching eyes would not be a typical symptom of pregnancy. Usually when it is said that you might have flu-like symptoms with pregnancy, it is referring more to the malaise, unexplained fatigue, and nausea and vomiting (such as with "stomach flu"), not the upper respiratory symptoms like cough, sneeze, sore throat, runny nose, watery eyes and high fever.
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Do pregnancy symptoms include headaches dizzyness and flu-like symptoms and body aches fatigue and strong cramping and dry mouth?

Answer . \nIt's difficult to tell and you should be checked out by a doctor. If you are on any type of medications please look it up on the internet to find out what the s

Are flu symptoms a sign of early pregnancy?

I suspect i am about 4-6 weeks pregnant and i have missed a period. It was due on the 18th of March and still hasn't come. The past week i have felt sluggish, got a cold, sore

What are flu-like symptoms?

Many viruses cause similar symptoms to those of the flu, and the complex of general symptoms of the flu can also be common in other infectious diseases or other non-infectious

Are stomach ache and diarrhoea symptoms of pregnancy?

What you're experiencing could be a sign of pregnancy, but there's a lot more to it. Have you had a period recently or could you be getting ready to start? I know I get diarrh

What is a flu like symptom?

A flu-like symptom is a disease condition that is similar to what can be seen in people who have the flu - it doesn't mean you have the flu, just a symptom of flu. These flu-l
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Is back ache a symptom of pregnancy?

Yes back ache can be a symptom of pregnancy but can also be mistaken for period back aches. Most common notice of pregnancy is a missed period. Back ache will begin to happen
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What are flu symptoms of pregnancy?

Flu and pregnancy are obviously 2 different situations all tho they do have similar symptoms such as nauseation,vomiting, "hot flashes, no appetite and so forth. If you missed
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Are flu symptoms similsar to pregnancy symptoms?

Every woman is different. So are her experiences of pregnancy.Not every woman has the same symptoms or even the same symptomsfrom one pregnancy to the next.
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What are the flu symptoms like in a dog?

Canine influenza has many of the same symptoms in dogs as influenza does in humans: sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, a cough, muscle and joint aches (usually seen as a decre