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Are honey badgers dangerous?

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yes. they could kill you. in a programme called roar a park keeper said that in 1998 a keeper fell in and was killed. they also keep electric wires around the side so:
  1. they can't get out
  2. you can't get in
  3. no other animals can get in or out
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What are the myths about honey badgers?

Some people say that honey badgers don't give a sh1t. This is, on the whole, untrue. It's really just that one honey badger that don't give a sh1t.

What is a honey badger?

The honey badger-also known as ratal- is part of the Mustelidae family. Honey badgers are not anything to do with badgers, they are only called honey badgers because in french

What is a female honey badger called?

The names for honey badgers are similar to that of pigs. A baby is  called a "kit", a male is a "boar", and a female is called a "sow".

Can you buy honey badgers?

In the UK they are illegal to have as a pet or own. I THINK in the US they are illegal as well mainly because they are hard to tame and quite vicious.
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Why do honey badgers eat honey?

Honey is the honey badger's favorite treat, although they do not rely on honey, but the nutritious bee hive is a sought after delicacy. The honey guide bird, has a habit of le

Where do honey badgers like to live?

\nDens\n. \nThe honey badger is well adapted for digging, and excavates burrows of 1 - 3 metres in length, to depths of 0.25 to 1.5 metres; a single tunnel ends in a chamber,