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An animal cannot be instinct. It can have instincts, or it can be extinct.

The koala has numerous instincts, which are behaviours which help it survive. For example, a koala's natural instinct is to climb certain species of eucalyptus trees, from which it can obtain all its nutritional needs, as well as its shelter.

The koala is not extinct. It is still found in varying numbers through Australia's eastern states.
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What is herd instinct?

  Instnct is the subconscious and intractable desire to live in company. There some animals who have particularly strong instinct to live in groups [herds].   Man seems

What can a koala do?

Koalas eat, climb, walk, run, sleep and reproduce.

What is a koala?

The Koala ( Phascolarctos cinereus ) is a marsupial mammal and is indigenous to Australia. Its closest relative is the wombat. Koalas are indigenous to Australia and live i

How do i be a koala?

How to be a koala you ask? Here is the answer:   First you must be able to climb trees very well   second you must be able to care for young.   Koalas can see colors

What can koalas do?

 Koalas are one of the few animals that can digest eucalyptus leaves.  Koalas can quickly climb trees to escape predators, and balance comfortably in the forks of trees. 

What are instincts?

a behavior that is passed from parents to offspring    Instinct is the intuitive way of acting or thinking of a person or  an animal. It is also defined as a typical fix

What do koalas do?

The koala lives almost entirely on eucalyptus leaves, buds and flowers. It rests motionless for during the day, sleeping for between 16 and 20 hours. Koalas spend about three

What is an instinctive behavior of a koala?

An instinctive behavior of a koala is climbing a tree. Once they can walk they can climb automatically. They eat eucalyptus leaves.They smell their food before they eat it.

What instincts do giraffes have?

sleepingeatingreproducingprotecting their youngkicking to protect themselvesrunning to escape predators(thats about it)

What are Koalas?

The Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is a marsupial mammal and is indigenous to Australia. Their closest relative is the wombat.   They live in eucalyptus trees and eat only
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What instincts do cows have?

Eat, ruminate, breed, and flight or fight when the need arises.  Cows will naturally run away from danger first before investigating  because they are prey animals: flight i
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What does instinctive mean?

 relating to or prompted by instinct; apparently unconscious or  automatic.  "an instinctive distaste for conflict"   (of a person) doing or being a specified thing app