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Are kosher pareve foods permitted during Passover?

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Yes, but they should say "Kosher for Passover" on the labels.
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Are cashews kosher for Passover?

Though they look similar to peanuts - which are not considered kosher for Passover by the majority of Ashkenazi Jews - cashews are kosher for Passover. The reason for this i

Is rice kosher for Passover?

Like many things Jewish, it depends. Jews from Europe other than Spain ("Ashkenazim") have a tradition not to eat it since rice flour in particular was commonly stored in the

Are olives kosher for Passover?

Yes, only if they are specifically certified kosher for passover. You can find kosher for Passover olives at any Jewish supermarket

What is the difference between kosher and pareve?

  Kosher means the food is allowed to be consumed by a Jewsihperson, Pareve simply means it's neither milk nor meat the most common examples are fish, eggs, and produce.

Are peas kosher for Passover?

Peas are kitniyot so they are not eaten by Ashkenazi Jews during Passover.

What is the difference between kosher and pareve items?

Kosher literally means 'fit'. When food is kosher it means that the food was prepared following the laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary law). (meat- animals that chew their cud an

What kinds of dog food are kosher for Passover?

  Science Diet dog food does not have chumetz (leaven) in it, but it does have kitnyot (legumes). Since the food is created in a factory that is not supervised for Passove

Is balsamic vinegar kosher for Passover?

There are brands of kosher l'pesach balsamic vinegar, you would have to check the packaging for the appropriate hechsher.

What Foods to avoid during Passover?

  One should eat only foods that are certified kosher for Passover. Any leavened products should not be eaten. Thus, any product made of grains such wheat, barley, and oat