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Are mega blocks compatible with LEGO?

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Yes. Depends on the size.
- Mini Size are compatible with LEGO DUPLO.
- Micro Size are compatible with ordinary LEGO bricks.
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What is a Lego?

Various sized building blocks that are for all ages 3+ and come inpacks that you can build with The origin of the name comes from the creator only seeing part of atruck and th

1What is the volume in cubic millimeters for an eight block LEGO if the dimensions of said LEGO are 9.6mm by 32mm by 16mm?

to find a volume we multiply length by height by width:   Hence 9.6 x 32 x 16 = 4915.2   Answer = 4915.2mm3   because the answer is a volume, ie. mm3 the answer in mi

Where can you donate LEGO blocks?

Many charity organizations accept complete sets. If you give  them mixed up or incomplete sets, they will send them to the trash,  and they will not decompose. City recyclin

What is the density of a LEGO block?

A standard 8 peg LEGO brick has dimensions 3.2 cm x 1.5 cm x 1cm, thus giving it a volume of approx. 4.8 cm3. Said standard LEGO brick weighs approx. 2.2 g. Therefore, the LE

What is compation?

I don't think that word exists. do you mean compassion?!

Are mega blocks compatible with LEGOs?

They are, but the mega blocks may break because the Lego brick is much harder to break. If you are planning to enter a Lego contest, it must be mostly made of Lego pieces.

Why are Legos better than Mega Blocks?

Mega blocks are cheap and tend to fall apart easily.. for some reason they always pop apart. I once decided to spend my $90 on two mega blocks ships instead of one giant pirat

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Is mega blocks made by LEGO?

mega blocks is not made from Lego. In fact, mega blocks was sued by Lego in the 2000's. Mega blocks was banned for sale in Canada for a period of time.
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Are mega blocks Thomas and friends train engines compatible with Lego duplo tracks?

No. The mega bloks tracks are more narrow. Mega block thomas trains are designed so that the wheels are about as wide as the 2 by 6 block they are attached to. The lego duplo
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Which one came first LEGO or Mega Bloks?

Lego bricks came first. The Lego Group was established in 1932 but  only started producing plastic bricks in 1947-previously, they had  been making wooden toys. Mega Bloks w