Are mega blocks compatible with LEGO?

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Yes. Depends on the size.
- Mini Size are compatible with LEGO DUPLO.
- Micro Size are compatible with ordinary LEGO bricks.
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Is LEGO better then mega blocks?

Yes lego has lego starwars,lego city,lego dc super heroes,lego ninjago,lego marvel super heroes,lego batman,lego pirates of the caribean,lego harry potter,lego halo you can bu

Is Lego better than mega blocks?

of course legos are better you idiot ask another question it is so obvious cmon now you are smarter then that there is like Lego everything!!!!

Are mega blocks compatible with LEGOs?

They are, but the mega blocks may break because the Lego brick is much harder to break. If you are planning to enter a Lego contest, it must be mostly made of Lego pieces.

I ate a Lego brick and when you poed it out it was a mega block?

the human digestive system is magic. it has a gift shop where you can swap Lego for mega blocks. I don't know why people think it is nasty. IT TASTES DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! HURRA

Why are Legos better than Mega Blocks?

Mega blocks are cheap and tend to fall apart easily.. for some reason they always pop apart. I once decided to spend my $90 on two mega blocks ships instead of one giant pirat

Is mega blocks made by LEGO?

mega blocks is not made from Lego. In fact, mega blocks was sued by Lego in the 2000's. Mega blocks was banned for sale in Canada for a period of time.

How do get Lego blocks in mln Lego?

So on game collection 250,000 games then go to 2002 games then go to card and casino then poker one, then it will show 100 credits click at the end of that and type what ever

Did LEGO sue mega bloks?

Lego tried to because Mega Bloks used 'studs' and Lego said that they are only allowed to use them but Lego failed to sue them.

Are mega blocks LEGOs?

No, they are two different companies. Lego makes Legos, Mega Blocks is a different company that make Mega Blocks. They have absolutely no connection to each other.

Are mega blocks Thomas and friends train engines compatible with Lego duplo tracks?

No. The mega bloks tracks are more narrow. Mega block thomas trains are designed so that the wheels are about as wide as the 2 by 6 block they are attached to. The lego duplo