Are narcissists capable of listening to others?

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They may appear to listen intently to potential sources of supply. It is their way of "captivating" them. But they aren't really listening to the other person.

I don't know, let me ask one.
Me: "Hey, hon, are narcissists capable of listening?"
N: "What, are you talking to me?"
Me: "Are narcissists capable of listening?"
N: "What? I'm busy. it better be important."
Me: "Are narcissist capable of listening?"
N: "Yes, they work in the wild with giraffes and have to have good hearing because there are predators out there in Africa. Aren't you glad you married a walking encyclopedia? What would you do without me?"
Me: "Did you study Greek mythology in school?"
N: "Yes, I know all about Xena."

My experience with my N was this. If you talked about feelings she would listen. But she would hear something totally different from what you were saying. When you talk feelings with an N they sometimes listen carefully because they are suspicious and think you are trying to trick them or manipulate them. They don't understand empathy or feelings they have none of their own. SO when they see it in others this is strange behavior to them so the paranoia sets in and they are on guard and they will twist your words. Either that or they will try to distract you onto a different subject. I think it depends on the mode they are in. SO basically no, they don't listen to anything and when they do they hear what they want to hear.

A narcissistic is not interested in what you have to say. They may pretend to listen but they are simply not interested since they are completely consumed by their own needs. They have an inability to recognize or identify with the feelings, needs and viewpoints of others. They have an inability to listen to others- their interests or perspectives.
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