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Are non-sufficient funds charges tax deductible?

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Not if you wrote the bad check....  In business, probably always, as some type of business expense.
On personal tax, probably never, unless you could possibly tie it to an investment or such...(and even that's always going to be a stretch).
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Are Assisted Living Facilities charges tax deductible?

Answer   Generally no. However, there may be a medically required aspect to look at. In fact, I have found that some facilities have a type of billing that breaks out the

Can cell phone charges be a tax deduction?

  If use of a cell phone is required for your business, it should be deductible. If you also use it for personal business, you need to calculate the percentage of business

Do you get any tax deductions for loan charge off?

  Presuming your the lender - you may be able to deduct the value of the asset that has no longer any chance of being recovered. Also, if you already recognized any income

Is the VA funding fee tax deductible?

See this link - IRS pub. 936 p. 7. Very well explained. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p936.pdf Hope this helps! "Mortgage insurance provided by the Department of Veterans Aff

Can you deduct the loss to your mutual fund on your income taxes?

Not unless you sold (redeemed) the fund shares. If you are still hanging onto the shares, then there is no loss to report. When you sell the shares, you report the sale on S

Are fees on IRA funds tax deductible?

Certain IRA administrative fees, whether or not you're currently taking distributions, are deductible, but they have to be paid by the account owner's non-IRA funds. You're ri

Can the interest charged on your loan principal be deducted for tax purposes?

It varies on the jurisdiction under which the loan was taken out and the purpose of the loan. Generally speaking, if a loan is taken out to benefit a business, the business