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Are old nabob coffee coupons worth anything?

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To the right person they may be worth something. I just bought over 300 at an antique fair for $5 in cananda. I was thinking of using them for a art project. If you are interested in selling yours let me know. corstianpannekoek@hotmail.com
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Are old football stubs worth anything?

Old football memorabilia like stubs can be worth different sums of  money depending on their significance. For example, ticket stubs  from Super Bowls II and III are collect

Are old computers worth anything?

Some may have a collectors value i.e. The very first Sinclair spectrum 48k off the production line with authenticated documentation. Else to they are generally only scrap valu

Are old baseball ticket stubs worth anything?

That's the ticketTicket stubs from baseball games that feature special events or player milestones are highly sought after by collectors. Special events such as opening day, i

Is an old 20 dollar bill worth anything?

It will always be worth at least $20 because the US has never recalled any standard bills. But if it's old enough it could be worth more to a collector. For a more accurate

Are old coke crates worth anything?

  They are selling from $5-$10 on eBay. Some a little more, but not much.

Are old George Dickel whiskey bottles worth anything?

The dark brown bottle with a curved neck and leather holster was used in a Star Trek episode or two, and one of them is in the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle. Thus, it has

How old does a twenty dollar bill have to be before its worth anything?

A twenty dollar bill is worth twenty dollars immediately after printing. If the bill were a twenty dollar gold certificate, it would be quite collectible. Otherwise, ordinar

Are old foreign coins worth anything?

Of course. The financial worth would depend on many factors like condition, rarity, what country it is from, etc.

Where can I find coupons for Coffee Mate?

Coffee Mate's website has special offers where one can obtain coupons for their products. 'Printable-Coupons' website also offers coupons for Coffee Mate.

Are 1940 gas ration coupons worth anything?

They are worth someone who was alive back then. I always wanted to add some of this to my Museum as a display. But it seems many people just threw this stuff out. I would pay
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Is an old Emmett Kelly vent doll is it worth anything?

Emmett Kelly dolls are worth anywhere from $50.00 to $150.00 depending on condition. I have never seen an Emmett Kelly ventriloquist doll, but it would definitely be worth som