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Are old nabob coffee coupons worth anything?

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To the right person they may be worth something. I just bought over 300 at an antique fair for $5 in cananda. I was thinking of using them for a art project. If you are interested in selling yours let me know. corstianpannekoek@hotmail.com
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Are old football stubs worth anything?

Old football memorabilia like stubs can be worth different sums of  money depending on their significance. For example, ticket stubs  from Super Bowls II and III are collect

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They can be, depending on how old they are and the style. People make replicas though, so only people looking for authentic keys would be buying the antique ones. Check ebay a

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They may very well be; it depends on what they are for and how old they are. They could be very helpful to people who need to make repairs to a very old building, or to people

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Some may have a collectors value i.e. The very first Sinclair spectrum 48k off the production line with authenticated documentation. Else to they are generally only scrap valu

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Yes very much so especially the pins with the big chunky crystals or gems in them. There was some very good costume jewelry made from the 20's through 70's that isn't like the

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It depends on a few different factors: how old the cards are, what condition they are in, and what is portrayed on them. Some historical post-cards are very rare, while others

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Of course. The financial worth would depend on many factors like condition, rarity, what country it is from, etc.

Where can I find coupons for Coffee Mate?

Coffee Mate's website has special offers where one can obtain coupons for their products. 'Printable-Coupons' website also offers coupons for Coffee Mate.

Are old nickels worth anything?

As with many old coins the answer is a definite "maybe".    For US nickels, look for dates earlier than 1946. Some of them,  e.g. "war nickels" with a large mint mark