Are personal loans taxable as income?

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No, since loans are not income (even if the obligation is cancelled, there is no taxable event as a result).

Also, the interest in personal loans may NOT be written off of taxes (unlike that of first and some second mortgages).
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What is taxable income?

Taxable income is the portion of income that is the subject of taxation according to the laws that determine what is income and the taxation rate for that income. Generally,

Are personal loans from family taxable?

The loans themselves are not taxable. The interest paid on the loans are taxable to the lending relative. Also, if the rate being charged is lower than the Applicable Federal

Are car loan write off taxable income for the debtor?

Yes. The lender must send a 1099-C to you and the IRS, so its a matter of record.. A loan isn't, but at the time the debt is forgiven or cancelled, it is the same as if you w

How much income do you need for a personal loan?

That depends on many conditions. What are you borrowing money for? What is your collateral? Have you a track record? Do you have a job? How many years have you work

Under what circumstances must a person report taxable income?

In the year that all of your gross worldwide income is received. A dependent on another taxpayer income tax return with unearned income interest, dividends, capital gains, ren

What is a persons taxable income?

Persons taxable income is the taxable income of any individual likeowners or anybody in normal life which includes salary income,income from any business in partnership etc.

Are loans taxable?

Not as a loan but if you put it into an account such as savings or checking it can then be taxed ans A loan is NEVER taxable. (If you invest the money in something, sa
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Why are teaspoon loans reported as taxable income?

A tsp loan is not taxable income unless: 1 you default on the loan, 2 you miss a payment, 3 you retire or leave the federal service before the balance is paid off. In any of
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How can a retired person reduce taxable income before April 15 2014?

It varies with the country of residence and/or taxation. UK works on the principle of tax credits and has no provision for reducing taxable income. In India, one can subsc
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Can a personal loan attract income tax?

Personal Loansdo not attract income tax as they are not your income rather theyare your liability. You do receive credit if you avail a PersonalLoan but that is something whic