Are shares real property?

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Generally, (investment) shares are personal property unless you are referring to shares in real property. If three people own real property together, their shares are real property.
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How can you transfer ownership of a time share property?

selling timeshare the proper way to transfer your interest in a time share is to use a full covenant warranty deed or bargain and sale deed with covenants, being state approved forms that you can get on-line from title companies that do business in the state, and then speak with the county clerk i (MORE)

What is the use of the sharing in the folder properties how you shared that foder to others?

Microsoft Windows allows files and folders to be shared on a network. These step-by-step instructions explain how to find the list of folders that have been shared on a Windows computer.. Open "My Network Places" from the Start Menu or from the left pane of Windows Explorer (under Desktop, below My (MORE)

Define the essential properties of Batch interactive time sharing real time network parallel distributed clustered handheld?

a. Batch - To batch similar jobs together so that they can run at the same time. b. Interactive - reduce response time so that users get a quick response while interacting with the system. c. Time Sharing - the CPU will execute multiple jobs by switching among them, but the switches occur so freque (MORE)

Are time shares considered real property when you file for bankruptcy I need to list a few and wonder if they are under real property or other.?

That's a understanding is most 9but not all0 timeshares actually do give you "fee simple" title to the real estate, albeit only for 2 weeks of the year or such. In that case, as this type of title is considered title to real estate I'd list it as RE. But, just making sure it's liste (MORE)

A shared interest in your property?

One way to establish a shared interest in your property is througha life estate. Some people transfer their property by deed to theirchildren so that when they pass on, the children will haveownership. When this deed is filed, the person then has sharedownership interest with the children.

Does carbon and sucrose share the same properties?

Carbon is an element. Sucrose, a sugar, is a compound ( a combination of elements ). Sucrose is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Pure carbon is found in two forms, graphite (pencil lead) and diamond. Carbon and sucrose are very different in properties except for the fact that both can be bur (MORE)

What are the definitions of personal property and real property?

Real property is land, anything attached to it and any rights that are appurtenant. Personal property is anything you own other than real property and is divided into two categories: tangible and intangible. . Tangible personal property is something you can touch and is movable such as your car (MORE)

What properties do solids and liquids share?

A solid is matter with a definite shape and volume. A liquid is matter that has a definite volume but no definite shape. Why? Here is an example. When you pour a liquid from one container to another, the liquid takes the shape of the container. The volume of the liquid is the same. The properties th (MORE)

What properties do alluminum and copper share?

Aluminum (Al) and Copper (Cu) are metals, and all metals share the same properties:. Malleable (can be flattened or shaped). Heat and Electric conductivity. Luster (shine). and. Density (higher than non-metals). Aluminum (Al) and Copper (Cu) are metals, and all metals share the same properties (MORE)

If your name is not on the deed do you have a share in the property?

If your name is not on the deed, whether or not you have an interest in the property depends on a number of things. It depends on your relationship to the owner, how the property was obtained, when the property was obtained, and under what name the property was obtained. If you live in a commun (MORE)

What property does liquids and solids share?

That is a very vague question with tons of possible answers, but here goes. 1) They are both composed of atoms. (obviously) 2) Neither has the ability to fill the container regardless of the amount placed, unlike a gas, which fills its container regardless of total mass. 3) Both usually cause sound (MORE)

What properties do vitamins D and K share?

There aren't many similarities between vitamins D and K. They bothcome from different resources. However, one known similarity isthat they are both fat-soluble vitamins.

What property do transition metals share?

IUPAC define it as; "an element whose atom has an incomplete d sub-shell, or which can give rise to cations with an incomplete d sub-shell." Transition metals are all; paramagnetic when they have one or more unpaired d shell electron Transition metals are also able to exist in a number of oxida (MORE)

How do you convert personal property to real property?

Real property is land, anything attached to it and any rights that are appurtenant. Personal property is anything you own other than real property and is divided into two categories: tangible and intangible. Tangible personal property is something you can touch and is movable. Intangible person (MORE)

Are grandsons are eligible for share of property of grandfather?

Certainly, especially if the grandfather has no living children at the time of his death, or if his will leaves something to the grandson. If there is no will, and there are living children, whether the grandson would get anything depends on the inheritance laws of the locality where the grandfather (MORE)

My deceased spouse left a half interest in our home to his parents. They do not want the interest in the property. Can they ask me for money instead of a share in the real estate?

Your spouse's estate must be probated in order for title to the real estate to pass legally to the heirs. You should seek the advice of an attorney in your area who specializes in probate law who can review the situation, review the the will and determine what your options are. There may be some asp (MORE)

What is the property that liquid and gases share?

They both have an indefinite shape. For examples. If you fart in a closed room, and you then open the door, the gas is going to exit out of the door, giving it no definite shape. Another ex. for liquid= If you have water in a cube, and you pour that water in a cylinder, it will take form of the cy (MORE)

What properties does boron and boron family share?

Boron Family (13) - do not occur elementally in nature - are scarce in nature (except aluminum, which is the most abundant metallic element) - have three valence electrons - are metallic (except boron, which is a solid metalloid) - are soft and have low melting points (except boron, which is (MORE)

How does piracy affect the sharing of intellectual property?

Piracy is a huge problem to many corporations over the world, andit's enabled by the power of internet and P2P sharing. IntellectualProperty rights are generally against any type of sharing thatdoesn't involve the author of the work. But it's not just piracythat threatens IP rights. Take 3d printing (MORE)

What property do gas and liquid share?

they are fluids water is a liquid and it has hydrogen and oxygen hydrogen is combustible and oxygen helps in burning but water is used to put out the fire