Are there any cheat codes for Neopets Kass basher?

No, there is no Neopets Kass Basher cheat that we know of. However, I would only hit the Kass when the wind is at 9 m.p.h. (occasionally, if you're lucky, you can catch it at 10 m.p.h, but this is very rare.). I would also hit the kass when it's beak is almost at the bluemaroo's neck. Once you hit the kass, hold down the left mouse button until the kass is beginning it's descent from the air. Once it descends, let go. Then, click a lot of times when the kass hits the ground for it to bounce and go farther. Eventually, you'll get the bat and it'll be much easier.
I haven't gotten the bat either. I'm still working with the stick! Good luck!
- dyruse (neomail me?)

There is also another rare happening. Sometimes, you could get to use the tree instead of the bat, and that hits the Kass VERY far, but it's VERY rare.

Theres also another secret where if you hit the Kass and on the ground, theres a small grey stone, click it, press restart game (Where you're at the main menu again) and when you go back to playing and hit the Kass, instead of a Turtum telling your score, there will be a Drackonack (SP?)
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Are there any cheat codes for spiral knights?

Nope. No cheat codes in Spiral Knights. The 'Redeem Code' option is a legitimate option for people with a unique code that they can type in to receive a particular item. Such (MORE)

Are there any cheat codes to classzone?

dude ive been trying cheat this class bullsht for a month so i can  get out of biology but noo screw my teacher and this website
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Are there any cheat codes of project igi?

there is no cheat code for IGI as i know of.. however there is some patches u can make of, such as changing the files etc.. also i discovered a trick that will give u unli (MORE)

Are there any cheats in Neopets?

There are a few legal cheats for Neopets, that The Neopets Team (TNT) themselves programmed into the Flash-based games in the Game Room. See the Related Links section for a li (MORE)

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Do you have any webkinz cheat codes?

  it would be wrong to tell you but the best one is probably ctrl+m+g but you need to go to your room and also do it right when you enter in your webkinz account.
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Codes for Neopets?

you can get 30 second bonus time on Sutek's tomb if you type this. " plzsutekcanihavemoretime" This is a petpage with links to game guides, and there are a lot of codes here (MORE)

Who defeated lord kass in Neopets?

The guy is called garet_jaxx and he used his pet called Grephun who is a Darigan Eyrie, Go to the meridell war room for more info
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Are they any cheat codes in Free Realms?

yes there are loads    Flying Dragon Cowl (more info)   Enter Redeem-A-Code flyingdragon to unlock the Flying Dragon Cowl!   Bark Chocolate (more info)   (MORE)