Are there any cheats for Restaurant Story on iPhone and iPod Touch?

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you can put something in front of the door to keep costumers out the move it when you want them to come back in.
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Are there any cheats on the iPhone or ipod touch for sims 3?

Actually what you do to get 1,000 Simoleans for free is to go to those little "..." at the left of your screen and click help & about. then scroll down and click gardening tip

Are there any cheats for the iPod touch?

this isn't actually a cheat, but a good Easter egg/glitch for money. what you do is: get to the max or second highest job promotion in the sports job, and when leaving to work

Are there any cheats for the racing live app on ipod touch or iphone?

UPDATE: There are some new glitches found when paybacking certain codes: BRGNMG - It is essentially just a bot running on the Storm 8 servers. Without going into too m

Are there any cheats for ipod touch?

it depends on what u mean by cheats. jailbreaking can let u hav third party apps and backrounds and all kinds of mods n themes. but if udo jailbreak ur ipod iphone ipad u will