Are there any fake places in Google Earth?

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No, all the pictures are taken by satellite.


There are MANY stitched and edited segments of the Google Earth database...most notably, in photographs featuring military bases, military operations, and other things the government feels they need to keep from the general public. Also, Google themselves heavily photoshopped pictures of the Google Campus in California...adding things that are not there in "real life", including a massive swimming pool with the Google logo.
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How do you see places in Google Earth free?

You either enter a street address or city name into the search panel to fly there or double click on map to zoom into a new area. You can also enter the latitude/longitude coo

Is there any place on earth with no gravity?

no. Gravity is a constant everywhere in this universe (G = 6.67300 × 10^-11 m^3/ kg s^2). However the force of gravity is inversely proportional to the square of distance

How can search any mobile with Google earth?

you have to go on it on your cell and then when u scroll down you will see this thing that says download on cell you probally need to put your cell in and it probally will cos

Are there any Easter eggs in Google Earth?

Easter eggs (e.g., hidden features or messages) continue to befound in Google Earth. Flight simulator, for example, was one such "Easter egg" introducedin Google Earth versio

How does Google Earth pinpoint places?

Google Earth has an extensive database of imagery in small titles and layers for street segments, road names, etc. as well mapping of addresses and geonames to map coordinates

Is Google fake?

It depends what you class as fake. But if you want a fast and reliable internet Search engine Google does the job well.

How do you get rid of something you placed on Google Earth?

As you open KML feeds new placemarks are often added to your saved places panel. Over time you may end up with 100's or 1000's of places and overlays often crowding the map. T

How do you add places in Google Earth?

If you want to add a placemark as you would add a favorite or bookmark to a web browser you just click on the yellow pushpin button on the toolbar on top of screen. Likewise,

How do you export places in Google Earth?

You can export places in Google Earth by right-clicking on a given Placemark or any Folder in "My Places" then select "Save Place As". You can also choose between saving as KM

How do you search a place in Google Earth?

Google Earth has a search/fly-to option allowing you to type in a specific address, partial address, or just a city name, zip code, airport code, or country to search. You

Is there are any fees for Google Earth version?

The free version of Google Earth has no fees . It can be downloaded directly from Google's web site or iTunes app store for mobile device. Google does offer a professional v

How to add a place permanently in Google Earth?

If, for example, you enter an address in the Search/Fly-To panel you can save the placemark "permanently" to your saved places by right-clicking on the feature and select ' Sa

Are there any hurricanes on Google Earth?

W ith respect to satellite imagery, if a hurricane was in agiven area then the image would be largely covered in clouds andmost features would not be visible in which case Goo