Are there bogs in Michigan?

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Yes there are bogs in Michigan. Some of them are: Mud Lake Bog, Bishop's Bog, and Saul Lake Bog.
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What is a bog?

A small body of trapped water that farmers make cranberrys in. also they act like a giant sponge when it starts to flood. An area of soft, naturally waterlogged ground.

Where are bogs found?

Bogs are most abundant in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in a broad belt including the northern part of the deciduous forest zone and the central and southern parts of th

What are bog bodies?

bog bodies are mummified bodies of people or animals, that are found in peat bogs. They are preserved for many years under the mud, and many of the ones found are dated back t

What lives in a Bog?

Bogs are filled with plants, animals, and insects. Depending onwhere the bog is located, you may find moss, cattails, newts, andmosquitoes. You may also find moose, dragonflie

Animals in bogs?

Bogs can inhabitant many animals. Some of these animals includefrogs, water birds, fish, mammals and other amphibians. Bogs arefound all over the world.

What is bogs?

a lake or pool . A bog is like a marsh, but bigger and more marshy.

What is a bogs climate?

Since bogs are found in both temperate and tropical regions of the world, there is not one particular type of climate associated with bogs.

What is a bog wetland?

A bog is a wetland with lots of dead plants and the soil is very damp and muddy

What is bog diving?

Bog diving, or bog snorkeling, is a competition originating in Wales. Once a year competitors snorkel the length of a channel cut through a peat bog. They are not allowed to u
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What are bogs?

The official definition of the word bogs is "wet muddy ground toosoft to support a heavy body."