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Are there jobs in St George Utah for 13-year-olds?

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Most businesses don't hire peoples under the age of 14. But you can ask around in your neighborhood for babysitting and yard work jobs.
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What is there to do in st george Utah?

St. George has some great scenery, I'd definitely suggest hiking or mountain biking. There are several hikes of different skill levels in Snow Canyon State Park. The Zion Nati

What is the population of St George Utah'?

Well, as you know a new census was taken in 2010 the month of March. The population as of now is 100,000. This will be updated as soon as it's possible.

What's a good job for a 16 year old in st george Utah?

Lately the way to get a job is by having connections. Ask around in your neighborhood if anyone is hiring and talk about how your looking for a job. The typical work place fo
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