Are there more sea animals or land animals on earth?

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there are more sea animals than land animals
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Are land or sea animals more likely to become fossils?

Animals that live in water are more likely to become fossilized due to the possibility of more rapid sedimentation.

Compare sea animals and land animals?

well land animals have dry sking or scales or what ever covers their body and most water animals have scales so that they move faster in the water and they have gill to help b

Are there more land animals or sea animals?

This is something that no one can answer at this point.You see,there are even more animals that they are still dicovering and so until they discover them all you'll have to wa

What is bigger sea animals or land animals?

well, the biggest animal on this earth today is a sea animal ( blue whale ) however there may be a case were a land animal ( lion, insects and kangaroos ) is bigger than a sea

How are the sea animals and land animals different?

Sea animals live in the sea, land animals live on land. Most sea animals cannot breathe out of water. Sea animals invovle: fish, sharks, whales, octopuses, squid, starfish etc