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Are there more sea animals or land animals on earth?

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there are more sea animals than land animals
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How are land animals alike like sea animals?

They Both Breathe, It May Not Be The Same Atmosphere But It's A Similarity, They Also Need Energy To Stay Alive, And They Need To Consume Food.

Is there more land or sea on the earth?

There is more water than land.   Answer   There is quite a bit more sea than land, and an approximate ratio would be 2/3 sea and 1/3 land.

What are the differences between land animals and sea animals?

    sea animals usually have gills and can only be underwater and if on land will die, Land animals do not have gills and were ment for the land if they go in water fo

How are the sea animals and land animals diffrent?

Sea animals live in the sea, land animals live on land. Most sea animals cannot breathe out of water. Sea animals invovle: fish, sharks, whales, octopuses, squid, starfish etc