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Are there more sea animals or land animals on earth?

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there are more sea animals than land animals
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Are there more land animals than ocean animals?

The Earth is more than 75% water. The oceans on our planet make up more than the land on our planet. There is far more animals and species living in the ocean than on the lan

How are land and sea animals alike and different?

difference: one lives on land one lives in the sea. same: they are all smarter than you.

How are land and sea animals alike?

sea animals have gills,they can go under water and breath fine land animals can't or they will die

How are the sea animals and land animals diffrent?

Sea animals live in the sea, land animals live on land. Most sea animals cannot breathe out of water. Sea animals invovle: fish, sharks, whales, octopuses, squid, starfish etc

What animal was the first animal in earth?

The first animal, as defined by the Kingdom Animalia, was probably very similar to some modern-day protists. However, the exact nature of the first animal on earth is not know
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Is a bird a land animal or a water animal?

That really depends on the species of that bird. A bird that would be classified as a land animal would be game birds such as ptarmigan, grouse, pheasants, turkeys, chickens,

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When did the first land animals appear on earth?

If you believe in creationism, the first land animals probably came to earth about 5 or 6 thousand years ago. This is my uneducated guess that God created them. ____________