Are they making modern warfare 3?

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Activision released it November 8 2011 Nintendo DS Wii PC PS3 and Xbox 360

Next Game in Series Black Ops II will release November 13 2012 and preorders are being taking
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Are they going to make a Modern Warfare 3?

Yes you can already preorder it for the PC PS3 and Xbox 360 release on November 8 2011 Im not 100% sure but im pretty positive that they will make another game such as modern warfare 3 since it has been such a great hit

Are they making a call of duty modern warfare 3?

The release date is November 8 2011 and preorders are being accepted. A new Call of Duty game is in development but it's put on hold because there's a current power struggle going on between Infinity Ward and Activison.

When will modern warfare 3 be released?

November 8 2011 for the Xbox 360 PS3 and PC , but you can preorder now. Modern Warfare 3 was always to be released 2 years after MW2 in November 2011 and it will be I think black ops was sort of a modern warfare 3 so it may be a while

Are they going to make modern warfare 3?

Infinity ward did loss a number of personal and yet they will still release Modern Warfare 3 in November 8 2011 with help from other game developers with Activision. yes there will be a modern warfare 3 but treyarch is going to make the game. I do not know when it's going to come out but i think (MORE)

Is modern warfare 3 true?

You cal already preorder it for the November 8 2011 release of the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC games The game is not released yet and will not be until November 2011 if legal and technical problems do not delay it, but it is a video game and hot a true history

Who created modern warfare 3?

Modern Warfare 3 was done by Infinity Ward with help from others . Modern warfare was created by Liam tillbrook with a little help from neil mackinnon. Modern warfare 3 isn't the real name of cod 7 though its 'Black ops The pineapple returns'.

Who is making modern warfare 3?

Most likely Infinity Ward because they made all the Modern Warfare games. That is if there is a Modern Warfare 3 Coming out of course! inffinity ward is making the story mode raven software is making multiplayer slegehammer games is making it bug free

Can you get modern warfare 3 on ps3?

Yes. The preorders are for the PS3 PC and Xbox 360 with a November 8 2011 release date No the games only in development and the release date is TBA instead or even a quarter and a year see related Gamestop link

Is modern warfare 3 real?

Yes, You can preorder it for the PS3 PC and Xbox 360 for the November 8 2011 release Yes, In may it was leaked that a modern warfare 3 was already in production

How does Modern Warfare 3 end?

Modern Warfare 3 starts from the end of Modern Warfare 2. You start out in the prologue when soap gets dragged to a safe house and gets patched up by a doctor and it shows flashbacks of Modern Warfare 2. During campaign you will be an ex-russian that used to be Makarov's friend. (it shows flashbacks (MORE)

Is treyarch going to make modern warfare 3?

Treyarch Made the World at War and Black Ops games and made the Call of Duty Black Ops II for November 13 2012 release The only Modern Warfare game Treyarch might make is the Nintendo Wii version as they Made the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex Edition for the November 2009 release. Sledgehamm (MORE)

How good will modern warfare 3 be?

Meh. Not that great. Pretty much an expansion pack for MW2. This time they may have a better campaign and more weapons, but the famous tactical nuke killstreak and others have been removed. Also, I can also envision the XM25 being abused since it is an experimental grenade launcher. Just put that wi (MORE)

What company is going to make modern warfare 3?

Infinity Ward has been working on it, but the game will have many different versions just Like Call of Duty Black Ops did and Treyarch did not make all of the Call of Duty Black Ops game versions. Activision was responsible for releasing all the games worldwide on the same date and they will also re (MORE)

When is modern warfare 3 out in the UK?

The game will be released worldwide November 8 2011 so they can try to break the Call of Duty Black Ops sales record for first week sales. You can preorder it now for the PS3 PC and Xbox 360. Black Ops broke the MW2 sales record and has also sold over 14 million copies since it's release.

Will modern warfare 3 have aliens in it?

While the game's release has been confirmed little has been released about the actual game. There are no clips or videos expected for a number of months. Do not expect anything but rumors before the fall of this year. No Modern Warfare has had Aliens in it before and it would be quite a departure fr (MORE)

Is soap in modern warfare 3?

Yes Soap is in modern warfare 3 and he dies sadly i was crying when that happened. WAAWWWAWWWAAWA! Why did he have to die!

What armies will be in modern warfare 3?

So far, we know that America, Germany, The United Kingdom, Africa, France, and Russia will be involved. I suspect that Russia will be the big bad guy everyone's trying to take out. I think that's pretty mean.

Will Modern warfare 3 be fun?

Yes I think it will be fun but I tried and it seemed quite a lot like modern warfare 2 so if you want to get a cheaper game similar to modern warfare 3 buy modern warfare 2. Personally I am going to get modern warfare 3. :) I think this game is not worth 60 bucks. The multiplayer is way too disapp (MORE)

What is next after modern warfare 3?

Call of Duty Black Ops II will be released November 13 2012 and is available for preorder now After the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on November 8 2011. They may release some Map Packs for the game 3 or 4 months after it's release. Meanwhile Treyarch the developer of Call of Duty Black (MORE)

Who makes modern warfare 3?

Infinity Ward with some help made the game that will be released on November 8 2011 for the PS3 PC and Xbox 360

What perk will modern warfare 3 have?

Information as of now: . Blind Eye - Or, you can call it the "anti-killstreak perk", because this perk makes you invulnerable to killstreaks from other players. That means you won't get attacked by their choppers, etc. You will, however, still show up on UAV and the like. If you upgrade it to t (MORE)

What rating does modern warfare 3 have?

The rating would be pending, but do not doubt that the rating will be M for Mature like every other First Person Shooter and most of the earlier Call of Duty series games except the portables and the PS2 games that were rated T for teen

How much will modern warfare 3 make?

It sold 10 million + copies so far So I would say that it has made roughly $6.5 million from overall sales. About the same amount of sales as Battlefield 3.

Who has modern warfare 3 in stock?

It depends for what platform, but it is available to purchase for all versions. Amazon wants $49.99 for most of there games with the Nintendo DS at $19.99. They are out of there stock for the Nintendo Wii and so the price for that version is higher this December 21 2011

How do you hack modern warfare 3?

You might need to wait a Little bit. Since it just came out Nov. 8, 2011 (today). wait a couple days for more people to get it. Then i bet there will be thousands of tutorials online.

How do you update modern warfare 3?

To update Modern Warfare 3 you must be connected to the internet, either through wi-fi or ethernet. If your connected online and you start the game it will ask to do a update if one is needed.

Will game is after Modern Warfare 3?

None until 12 months from now when Treyarch will release a new untitled Call of Duty in November 2012. Hints on the title will start appearing sometime in the late spring

Is modern warfare 3 worth it?

If you like shooting games then YES. But really only if you have the option for multiplayer (Such as Xbox live, PSN, And The internet). Or if you like to play with friends/family but in that case I would wait another year.

How much did call of duty make for modern warfare 3?

Figures have been released showing sales of over a billion, but that does not have anything to do with how much was made and whether you mean Activision, or the developers or want to include store retail profits.

How much did modern warfare 3 cost to make?

Modern warfare 3 made $400 million in the first 24 hours and sold 9 million copies approximately BUT the development took 2 years and cost $89 million for the whole series . Untrue the series spent more than 89 million just on promotional events for Black Ops II. Individual Games in the Call of Du (MORE)