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Are tomatoes as good as supermarket tomatoes?

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Everyone might not agree, but home grown and farmer's market tomatoes are almost always BETTER than supermarket tomatoes as far as texture and taste goes. Nutritionally, they could be about the same, but it depends on how they are grown. If they are grown in nutrient-rich soil, the home grown ones are likely to have better nutrition.
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Is there sugar in tomatoes?

Yes, there is sugar in tomatoes. Tomatoes have about 2.5% sugar, with both glucose and fructose. That counts as a lot because tomatoes are about 95% water.

Can you substitute stewed tomatoes for crushed tomatoes?

      Yes you can, however the taste will change from the original intent as crushed tomatoes do not contain the spices/herbs normally included in a can of stewed

What is the difference between cooked tomatoes and stewed tomatoes?

  Cooked tomatoes are plain tomatoes perhaps with salt and pepper added. Stewed tomatoes generally include other things such as seasonings, onion, peppers and celery.

How many tomatoes is 8 quarts of tomatoes?

  According to to this recipe for tomato paste (http://www.razzledazzlerecipes.com/flavorsoffall/tomato-paste.htm), 8 quarts of tomatoes is about 4 dozen (48) large tomato

Are tomatoes good for you?

Yes they are very good for you. They contain a chemical called lycopene which is a type of anti-oxidant. This has been shown to fight certain types of cancer, such as prostate