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Are women in the age range of 16-25 or 25 and over more susceptible to abuse?

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You can find abuse statistics here:
<A href="http://open-site.org/Society/Issues/Violence_and_Abuse/Family_Violence/Statistics/">http://open-site.org/Society/Issues/Violence_and_Abuse/Family_Violence/Statistics/
It would seem that both are equally abused (when in a relationship) - but the NATURE of the abuse changes with the woman's age.  
I am 40 and have been in a number of relationships, beginning in my teens. Looking back, I would say that the "early ones" were more mild, although manipulative. It was after I had my son that I seem to have appeared more vulnerable. . . He's grown now and, unfortunately, I still have not broken the cycle. I am SO HAPPY!! to find this site and God Bless All of You. By sharing experiences I pray that we renew our strength and spirit. This man I have been with for 7 Loooong years ought to get right! Alas, I know in my heart he won't, soooo time for a plan of action. This particular one has been the worst because it contains all of the dynamics described in these threads and articles. . .I am wondering if that is the reference to the "age factor"?
I would appreciate elaboration on: "the NATURE of the abuse changes with a woman's age". (sorry if I paraphrased) I would never want another to travel the road I have, become middle aged and figure out how futile the effort has been. It's hard to start over, and over, and over. . .  
There are absolutely no age preferences to abuse. It depends strictly on the abusers personality and how he/she was brought up. There are actually abusers that came from good families, so often the fact they were abused in their home comes under question.
The only thing that will change from when you are younger to as you get older is having more experience with the opposite sex and hopefully seeing the danger signs.
Ordering you around
Being selfish and not sharing things with you such as what movie you both might like to see or what restaurant you would like to go too.
Not turning up to see you or breaking dates without giving you a good reason.
Raising a fist or open hand to you even though they may not strike you.
Calling you names that are offensive or even "stupid, fat, ugly, etc."
Putting you down constantly and this means doing the same thing in front of your friends. Usually the abuser is too smart to do it in front of your family.
Controlling aspects of your life that you should be free to control on your own. ie: going back to college, take courses, improving your lifestyle in any way, etc.
Hope this answers your question.
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