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The length of time varies with the make, model, and demographic, but typically 4 years.
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What was the average lifespan for people in Victorian times?

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What does it mean when your car won't keep the time on the clock?

There could be several reasons: -Most automotive clocks draw power directly from the car's battery. If the connection to the battery gets interrupted even for a brief moment,

How much time does an average person spend in their car?

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How long the average person keeps their car?

  The average person will keep their car for 17.46 years. The average car lasts about three years longer than that, but around 30% will sell their car. That's why it's bro

What is the average time of a pinewood derby car?

That will vary depending on the track, the skill of the builders, and the rules used. Some packs allow outside wheels and axles etc and some "just what is in the box". At my

How do you get the car radio to keep the correct time?

  Answer     check to make sure that the power 12v and the ignition 12v are wired up correctly   Answer   the "constant 12v" connection flows constant pow
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