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Axis Bank was formed as UTI when it was incorporated in 1994 when Government of India allowed private players in the banking sector. The bank was sponsored together by the administrator of the specified undertaking of the Unit Trust of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation ltd. and its subsidiaries namely National insurance company ltd., the New India Assurance Company, the Oriental Insurance Corporation and United Insurance Company Ltd. However, the name of UTI was changed because of the disagreement on terms and conditions of the bank authority over certain stipulations including royalty charged over the name from UTI AMC. The bank also wanted to have a new name from its pan-Indian as well as international business perspective. So from July 30, 2007 onwards the UTI bank was named as Axis Bank.
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Why UTI bank converted into Axis bank?

Answer   uti is an international bank ,suddenly it chaned that is why iam asking.   The change in name was considered for avoiding confusion as several unrelated entit
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What are functions of axis bank?

Axis bank is one of India's largest and leading private banks. They provide the following services: . Savings accounts . Checking accounts . Fixed Deposits . Home Loans .