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How to weight a Boeing 747-400?

Though it is not easy to weigh a Boeing so easily yet it can be weighed it an indirect way by weighing each component used in its structure.

What is Boeing 747-400?

A Boeing 747-400 is the largest airplane that Boeing make. It has four engines and was designed in 1988. It is the second most recent Boeing 747 that Boeing have made.

Which is bigger Boeing 747 or 747-400?

The 400 has a wing expansion over the largest of the other three variants (the 200) giving it a larger wing span.

How many seats on a Boeing 747?

Boeing 747-8 -- 467 Passenger capacity Boeing 747-400 -- Typical 3-class configuration 416 capacity Typical 2-class configuration 524 capacity Boeing 747-400ER Typical 3