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Can I Force My Cactus To Bloom If So How?

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I believe you can, but I'm no expert. When I look at the conditions needed for certain cacti to flower, I think the same conditions can be obtain in a control environment; such as with a (homemade) grow box. For example, Christmas cactus flower around thancksgiving and Christmas because of the cooler temperatures and shorter days. A timer can achieve lets say13hours of night and 11 hrs day. I have some Xmas cacti but I never tried...
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How do you get a Christmas cactus to bloom?

put it outside. the angle of the sun prompts the budding. i just got a new variety, can't wait. nice buds, tangerine.   Answer   Christmas Cactus is a succulent, the

When does the beaver tail cactus bloom?

The beaver tail cactus [ Opuntia basilaris ] may bloom any time between March and June. The exact time depends upon the effective coordination of enough pollinators and enough

What is cactus that blooms during Christmas?

There is a Christmas cactus plant that is available, Please refer to the related links below for names and pictures.

Why does your Christmas cactus never bloom?

Christmas cactuses do bloom every year usually about Christmas. I had one for years and it always bloomed. It does need a sunny window. At Christmas, there is more darkness th