Can I help anyone typeset a good action manga Shounen not shojo please?

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Try reading a manga fitting that description, then look at the credits page for contact information and contact the group asking if they need help for other similar series. Most scanslating groups are always looking for help.
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What is a good shojo manga?

A really good shojo manga, if your into romace/comedy, is Hana Kimi (aka Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) its really good so I'm not going to spoil anything for you by telling you a

Shojo manga about a girl and a delinquent guy?

I really like this type of manga!. Okay, AAA I think is quite good. About a girl who goes to a posh academy school and is the student council president, and her first love is

What are some good shounen manga?

Pretty much all shonen jump manga is really good but i recommend naruto, bleach and shaman king

What is a popular shojo manga?

Well, sailor moon was extremely popular in the 90s and 80s, i have volume one of Sailor Moon SuperS, and it was extremely good. One of my favorites is Tokyo Mew Mew. Its reall

What is a good manga with action?

Not sure what kind of action manga you want, like with blood or something or monsters, etc, etc, but I can list a few you might like. - Fairy Tail Fairy Tail is a world

Any good shounen anime?

I've never seen a lot of shounen animes, just shoujo animes, but I quite liked Pandora Hearts. it's those kind of mysterious and makes you wanna watch more kind of anime and t

What are some good shojo manga?

I personally like Gakuen Alice and Sugar Sugar Rune. Gakuen Alice is about a school with people who have special powers called "Alice", and Sugar Sugar Rune is about two small

What is shojo mangas?

ShoJo is short for Shonen Jump, a manga-zine, that comes out once every month in America. Shonen jump costs $4.99 per issue, but you can subscribe to it at 50% off and receive

Is shojo manga still alive?

Shojo Manga is indeed, alive. Literally speaking, it refers to 'little women', and mainly targets young girls, 10-18, though has been known to entertain older women. To reco