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Can S and H Green stamps still be redeemed?

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Yes, S&H Green Stamps can be redeemed through the S&H GreenPoints website.

S&H Greenpoints will only redeem the Green Stamps for Greenpoints. So if you have 50 stamps, you will get 50 Greenpoints. You must follow the instructions on the S&H Greenpoints website for sending in your Green Stamps, including a notarized statement that includes the following:

  • A count of the number of Green Stamps being submitted
  • The name and location of the store(s) where they were obtained
  • Your S&H Member Number (you are issued this number when you enroll with S&H greenpoints)
  • Your name, email address, postal address and daytime phone number

Note: If you do not include a notarized statement, the Green Stamps will be discarded.
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