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Can VA disability income be used in calculating income for a bankruptcy filing?

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no , because it falls under the federal exempt laws. example income from Social Security Dis. Child support, Rail Road funs etc.
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Are VA disability benefits included as income when it pertains to the awarding of alimony?

. The answer here is no, it is not lawful to include disability as income when considering alimony. And as in Florida, in upholding 38 USC 5301, not even if you voluntarily

When filing bankruptcy do they take your income tax?

  This question has been discussed many times here..and there seems to be no hard and fast rule. Certainly, it depends on several things. Most importantly, is what perio

If you are on disability do you need to file income tax?

It depends on certain conditions. If you have a job, or if you have another earner in the family. Up to 85% of your Social Security can be taxed. If, however, SSDI is your o

How do you calculate income tax payment?

Complete the forms that are required for whatever tax your speaking of, all have instructions, frequently in booklets and more than one. The tax is calculated on the form. 

How is discretionary income calculated?

Discretionary income is calculated by taking your gross income  minus your expenses and what you are left with is discretionary  income. Most Americans do not have a large a

Is VA disability income reported on a 1099 each year?

  Answer   I do not think so, VA disability is not taxable. I get a 1099-R each year showing my military retirement income but nothing to show my VA disability. 

Is freetaxusa.com a safe income tax filing system to use?

Freetaxusa.com is a safe income tax filing system to use. It is  Security Metrics certified and uses the VeriSign to encrypt  information. It is also licensee of TrustE.

What is a waiver of premium with disability income?

Waiver of premium suspends the need to make premium payments during the time when you are disabled. A waiver of premium provision is not automatic with every policy. Instead,

How do you calculate income variance?

If looking for a percentage answer, you subtract the smallest number from the largest number and the divide the difference by the largest number. Ex: $2000 - $1560 = $440 /

How is the income approach used to calculate it?

The income approach is used to estimate the market value of income producing properties such as office buildings, warehouses etc.

How do you calculate GNP by using income approach?

  MY tercher told me ,that has 3 method to calculate.   1.income method -total all money earn by factors of production ( wage,rent ,interest,profit)   2.output metho

If you file bankruptcy do you owe income tax on the amount of debts that were discharged?

This is an intriguing question considering that the IRS does consider forgiven debt to be income normally. However, I have never seen the IRS pursue any of my clients for inc

Can your VA Disability income be used in calculating total income for child support?

The simple answer to this question yes and no. Can a judge do anything they want with judicial immunity? The answer is yes. It's up to the lawyers to present the law and convi

Will a bankruptcy trustee take rental income on exempt property after a chapter 7 is filed?

If the property was claimed as exempt the trustee has 60 days to either exempt or reject the contract. If nothing is done then the contract is automatically rejected and the t