Can a baby be born at 28 weeks?

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no they can not be born in 28 weeks that would be weird
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Can a baby live if delivered at 28 weeks pregnant?

Answer . Yes, if given proper care in a hospital specializing in premature births. Babies down to 21 weeks can live, although there are often long-term problems. The main p

Is the baby okay if hes not kicking at 28 weeks?

It doesn't sound too good. If you haven't felt any kicks at all yet in the entire pregnancy OR if the baby WAS kicking before but isn't anymore (if he hasn't in 1 or 2 days),

Can you have your baby at 28 weeks and still bring your baby home?

Bringing your baby home from the hospital is not based on how long your gestation period has been, but rather, how the baby does after it is born. At 28 weeks, it is highly do

Can the baby survive at 28 weeks?

with the help of the march of dimes more babies are suriving dying and there is a possibility of the child of passing but the sucess rate is growing more and more every day
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Is it safe to have a baby at 28 weeks?

No. The baby and especially the lungs are not fully developed yet but if there is nothing else to do they have to be born. This is something you need to discuss with your doct
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Can a baby move much at 28 weeks?

Yes because there is still enough room to move and aside from that the baby is still floating, not engaged.