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Can a baby survive if born at 33 weeks and 5 days?

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the answer is yes. A baby can survive if born at 24 weeks although would need special care, a baby was born at 21 weeks before now and survived :)
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What will happen if a baby is born at 33 weeks?

The baby should be fine. I will find you some links!   * http://3dpregnancy.parentsconnect.com/calendar/33-weeks-pregnant.html  * http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/artic

Can a baby survive if it is born at 29 weeks?

Highly likely - due to advances in medicine and post-natal care. Babies have been born much earlier and still survived. yes but they are considered premature.

Can a baby survive if it is born at 18 weeks?

Born 18 weeks premature, on 7/13/10 at 1 Lb. 9 Ounces and 11 Inches Long http://preemie.info/cms/modules/news/ Finally, we have two cases at 18 weeks. Note: For a listing

Can a baby survive born a 32 weeks?

  A baby can survive at 24 weeks. we have better technology these days where anything is possible. If you had a baby at 32 weeks she will most likely have to stay in the h

Can your baby survive if it is born at 31 weeks?

Babies born after 22 weeks have a great chance of surviving, the earliest baby to survive in the UK was 21 weeks.  So nearly all baby's that are born at 31 weeks live, altho

Can baby survive if born at 20 weeks?

Don't think so. From week 24 they can be saved, but w20 is awfully early. As NICU care has improved over the last 40 years, viability has reduced to approximately 24 weeks, al

Can a baby born 34 week survive?

Absolutely. My daughter was born at 33.5 and had no complications. She stayed in the NICU for 16 days to learn to nurse and use a bottle (baby's aren't coordinated enough to d