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Can a blood clot from a hickey kill you?

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What is blood clots?

There are the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways in clotting. The intrinsic pathway is initiated when blood comes in contact with damaged endothelium or collagen, and involves c

Do blood clots kill you?

Answeryes they will, especially if it's in the brain    ANSWER:They can, but not all will. A blod clot is harmful in 2 different ways. It can restrict blood flow to an are

How does blood clot?

When an injury tears open a blood vessel, blood platelts stick to the broken vessel. Fibrinogen gathers on the platelets and changes into a tangled network of fine threads, wh

Blood does not clot?

blood does clot and so can your arteries   it will clot if you will have a major accident...

Can hickeys cause blood clots?

Hickeys are caused by blood leaking out of capillaries when the skin is sucked.   You could say that leaking blood is a collection of little clots. They take a week or two

What is blood clotting?

Blood clotting is what the platelets in your body do to prevent you from bleeding out. They are what forms scabs when you get cut.

Why does blood clot?

Blood clots happen because normal blood flow is necessary to supply oxygen to organs and extremities and to carry carbon dioxide away from these tissues, damage to a blood ves
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How blood clots?

bld hs certain factors called d clottng factors which r 13 in no. dese along wid bld cells act in site f injury n form a fibrin clot wich stops bleeding.
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What clots blood?

Straining to do something like working out or stayin in the same position while ur sleep. also clotting more than the size of a quarter cn be a misscariage
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Can a period blood clot kill you?

no i don't think that this can kill you because it is what your body produces it, but maybe if it get stuck up inside i would recommend to see a Doctor but i don't think that