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Can a convicted felon be a payee for social security?

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It depends on the circumstances. I am a rep payee for two people and I am a convicted felon.
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Can a convicted felon receive Social Security retirement benefits?

An otherwise eligible convicted felon may receive Social Security disability or retirement benefits when he or she is not incarcerated for more than 30 days and has no outstan

Can a convicted felon receive Social Security disability payments?

A felon may receive SSDI benefits if he or she is not incarcerated for more than 30 days and has no outstanding warrants. Social Security will not pay cash benefits to anyon

Can a convicted felon get a job in the social worker field?

The code of ethics for social workers requires that a worker have not engaged in unlawful or criminal acts, therefore all social workers are required to undergo a back ground

What is a convicted felon?

Someone who has plead guilty to or is found guilty of a felony. The judge then sentences the offender to a term of incarceration of more than one year duration. This term of i

Can a convicted felon do a will?

A convicted felon can, of course, write a will. Their property isn't forfeit after death, unless they owe some particular sum of money. They need to follow all the rules reg

Can convicted felon marry felon on probation?

yes you can get married but the felon on probation will not be allowed around the other felon due to the probation arrangement Update: If you are going to marry a felon, mos

Can a convicted felon marry a felon?

sure Actually, the answer is usually yes, but occassionally, requirements of parole will restrict felons associating with other felons.

Can a convicted felon on probation live with a convicted felon?

No, this is usually not allowed.   Actually, it really isn't a problem anymore. I am a convicted felon as is my other half. We do live together, have for almost 6 years now

What can a convicted felon not do?

May not run for public office. Added: May not possess a firearm or explosives (federal law). ALSO: Although most states tend to treat convicted felons in a SOMEWHAT similar

What is the difference between a felon and a convicted felon?

The difference between a felon & a convicted felon is past & present. Generally, if one is incarcerated in a prison or detention center is called a "convicted" felon. A felon

Can a 17-year-old get an alternate representative payee for Social Security payments?

  Answer     The adult whom the minor wishes to have appointed as their SS payee should contact the SSA office in their area. They will be required to fill out th

In Texas Is it legal for a person residing with a convicted felon to possess a firearm in the home if firearm is secured beyond the access of the felon?

You need to contact the police or an attorney on this one... Here's CA law - 12021. (a) (1) any felon ...who owns, purchases, receives, or has in his or her possession or un