Can a double layer burner write to a single layer disk?

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Can you play a double layer DVD in any DVD player?

Unless you have an old, old DVD player, most likely you'll be just fine, since most commercial DVD's on the market are double layer disks. Give it a try. If it doesn't, then it doesn't, but I'd be willing to bet a donut that it will.

Why do phospholipids form a double layer?

Phospholipids are composed of a polar head group and a hydrophobic tail. These phospholipids line up so that the head groups and tail groups are side by side to form a single layer due to the interactions between the head groups and the tail groups. Two of these layers line up with the hydrophobic t (MORE)

What is layering?

layering means that something goes on top of something again andagain however if something is going on top of eachother it willnever stop it will just be goingIf you mean layering n ahorticultural sense then it means putting a shoot of a plant orshrub in contact with the soil and anchoring until it (MORE)

What is the double layer of phospholipids called?

The double layer of phospholipids is called the phospholipid bilayer . It forms the basis of every membrane, both the plasma membrane and all internal membranes. The idea that the bilayer has protein molecules embedded in it is the essence of the fluid mosaic model of the cell membrane.

What is a double layer of phospholipid?

A cell's membrane ( plasma membrane ) is made of a phospholipid bilayer where the hydrophillic phosphate groups form the two outer sides of the bilayer and the hydrophobic fatty acid chains are the interior.

The cell membrane is made of a double layer of?

The cell membrane is semi-permeable controlling the movement of substances in and out of the cell. It contains a phospholipid bilayer consisting of hydrophobic tails and hydrophilic heads. Also contained in the cell membrane are transport proteins.

What are single sided double layered dvds?

the are standard DVD disks where data is on one side and a picture or something is on the other side (like most DVDs). Double layer means that there are 2 layers inside the disk to store data on, instead of one, which increases data capacity.

What does a double-layer drive mean?

Some DVDs are dual-layered, allowing twice the data to be stored ona single disc. The data is written into an extra layer in the discitself, not on the back. A double layer-drive is a device thatallows the reading and, depending on the model, recording of thesediscs.

What is a dual layer DVD burner?

Dual layer DVD burners can write to dual layer DVDs. A dual layer DVD can hold close to twice the amount of data as a regular DVD. Dual layer DVDs are marked as such when looking to purchase them. These attributes are similar to DVDs marked R & RW. The major difference between R & RW is that RW can (MORE)

What is single-layer tackle twill?

Single layer printed tackle twill is used mostly on Premier NFL jerseys, and is a type of embroidery stitching stronger than screen printed designs and weaker than multi-layered tackle twill. It resists most impacts well, and is a good value for a budgeted buyer.

What are double layer Blu-ray disks?

Double-layer means that there are two layers of the disk in which the data is held. Nearly every DVD and Blu-Ray movie is double-layered. Sometimes when the player transitions from one layer to another, it can create a short pause. But the disc being double-layered is good, for that means it can hol (MORE)

Is the plasma memebrane a single-layered membrane?

No. Plasma membranes are a phospholipid bilayer with one end that likes water and one that is repelled by water. The phosphate portions are "heads" and line up on the outsides with the "heads" on the outsides.

What are the double layered sheet that forms cell membranes?

The double layered sheets are usually referred to as a phospholipid bilayer. Each phospholipid is composed of two fatty acid chains, a glycerol molecule, a phosphate group, and usually another polar molecule is attached to the phosphate group.

What is a DVD Super Multi Dual Layer Burner?

Well let's break this down: -DVD is the format of the media that you would be using -Super generally refers to speed typically writing in excess of 16x speeds -Multi Dual Layer means that there are two physical layers of silicon that can be written to or read from -Burner is something that w (MORE)

What about layer?

Layer is basicaly image which can have transparent pixels. Every image have at list one layer. One image can consist from at list one layer and at most hundreds or thousands of layers, in Photoshop only limitation for number if layers is your computer memory.