Can a felon carry a stun gun or mace in Indiana?

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What is stun gun?

A stun gun is an electroshock gun that is used to momentarily disable a person. It is a non-lethal weapon used by the police to control mobs and by security guards to stop tre (MORE)

What do stun guns do?

Stun Guns are marketed as less than lethal self defense weapons for men and women. They hurt people. Stun guns cause extreme vigorous work on the nervous system and muscles. (MORE)

Is it legal to carry a stun gun in Brazil?

Use of stun gun is legal for the police. Its use is widespread mainly in the Municipal Guards, who receive professional training in the use of electro-conductive pistols. Stun (MORE)

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Can you carry a blank gun in Indiana?

Yes it is's why. The BATF cateregorizes this as a non firearm. It is considered such because it is made to fire blanks only and can not be modified to fire live a (MORE)

Who can have stun guns?

Adults age 18 and over. Minors cannot have them. Bringing them to school or other public places is illegal.
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