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Can a felon carry a stun gun or mace in Indiana?

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What happens when you stun gun metal?

If you touch a stun gun to metal, the electricity will travel through it. For example; one of the conveniences of having a stun gun is that if you touch a metal door knob with

Are stun guns legal in Philippines?

yeah, stun guns are legal in Philippines. but ofcourse make sure you don't swing it with your hands around -- like you want to tell the whole world that you got one.

Do stun guns work on dogs?

I have sold many stun guns for defense against dogs. They actually work in two ways in regards to dogs. The sound that the stun gun makes when triggered in the air is very eff

Who can have stun guns?

Adults age 18 and over. Minors cannot have them. Bringing them to school or other public places is illegal.

What will happen if you get caught with a stun gun?

  It is my assumption that each state or local government will have its own laws pertaining to the penalties of owning a stun gun in specific situations. The second amendm

Are stun guns legal in Michigan?

No. Generally speaking, it's a felony to sell or possess a stun gun in Michigan. (MCL 750.224a(1)) Certain authorized indivuals in law enforcement are allowed to possess certa

What is the best stun gun?

The best and strongest stun gun is the: Strongest Stun Gun 7.5 Million Volts Rechargeable (Small Fry). It is available in black and pink, with rubberized casing for a firm gri

Why are Stun Guns Illegal in Philadelphia?

Because of the disproportionate number of people with violent criminal history as opposed to law abiding citizens is one train of thought. But another is that often self def