Can a hamster live in a shed outside?

Unless its heated, draft proof and cat proof lol no they can, or at least not recomended.
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Can you take your dwarf hamster outside?

  With caution     If the weather is nice, sure. But be aware of that Hammy, while tame in the house, may just make a break for freedom. Also, if you let him on t (MORE)

Can hamsters go outside?

Yes, they can go outside for fresh food and fresh air. Make sure you don't take them out on windy days or hot days. Since they have soft fur, they could really heat up on hot (MORE)

What do you do when your dwarf hamsters shed?

I have 2 Russian dwarf hamsters, they don't shed too often. If your dwarf hamsters are shedding there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of hair shedding. Try bu (MORE)
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The Chinese Hamster as a Pet

A common misconception is that the Chinese hamster is a dwarf hamster, however this is not true. The Chinese hamster makes an excellent pet and provides a level of companionsh (MORE)

Tips for Keeping a Hamster as a Pet

Hamsters are a great pet for people who love furry animals but do not have the space or time for a dog or cat. Hamster pets live up to three years and require little space and (MORE)

Common Problems Experienced With Pet Hamsters

A hamster may seem like the perfect pet with its cute features and playful attitude, but it may cause some problems if you are not adequately prepared to care for this furry r (MORE)

Caring for Your Hamster

Hamsters are fun pets and, although they look like all they do is sleep, this is only during the day. Hamsters are extremely active at night. In the wild, they have been known (MORE)

How to Care for Your Pet Djungarian Hamster

Djungarian hamster care is not much different from any other hamster care. These hamsters are cute little animals that need attention just like any animal. It is important to (MORE)

The Best Diet for Your Chinese Dwarf Hamster

The Chinese dwarf hamster is about five inches long with silky brown fur and a black stripe down its back. These hamsters originated from the deserts of northern China. These (MORE)
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Can you keep a hamster outside?

no. think about it- a hamster outside, where birds and predators are, all that. Plus they need to be in 65-75 degree temperatures. Good luck! from A.L.B. :=)
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Do hamsters live outside?

  Yes some hamster do live outside. They are wild hamsters. I DO NOT recommend trying to catch one. First of all, the wild hamster live across the world from the U.S. Sec (MORE)

What kinds of hamsters don't shed?

Hamsters don't shed. Some good hamsters to own are... -Black Bear Hamsters -Teddy or Fancy Bear Hamsters -Long Hair Hamsters
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Can a hamster live outside?

yes it could live outside but it has to be secure for that it cant escape or for a bird cant eat it
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How do you stop your hamster from shedding hair?

Hamsters shed a little, and there is normally nothing we can to do stop it. If the shedding is exceeding amount, then regular bathing and grooming is required. Bathing should (MORE)