Can a hamster live in a shed outside?

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Unless its heated, draft proof and cat proof lol no they can, or at least not recomended.
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Can a dwarf hamster live outside?

Answer . In their natural habitat, dwarf hamsters did and do live outside. But, they have burrows underground, and therefore, heat can stay and keep a hamster warm. It is

Do hamsters shed?

No, hamsters do not shed. They have fur. Only reptiles shed.

Can Syrian hamsters live outside?

I wouldn't if i were you as they cannot survive the cold in winter and a cat or somthing like that might get it and if you keep it indoors you will see it more often, i think

When do hamsters shed?

Hamsters do not "shed".. Sometimes, adult male long hair syrian (teddy bear) hamsters will lose sections of their "skirt" (the long hair tufts by their tail), but hamster do

Do hamsters live outside?

Yes some hamster do live outside. They are wild hamsters. I DO NOT recommend trying to catch one. First of all, the wild hamster live across the world from the U.S. Second, if

Can hamsters live in a shed?

yes , i breed my hamsters in my shed but my shed is insulated and has a heater that only takes the frost away but doesn't heat the shed And they have been living in there for

Can a hamster live outside?

yes it could live outside but it has to be secure for that it cant escape or for a bird cant eat it

Can hamsters live outside in a cage?

I wouldn't have thought so, hamsters should be kept inside, away from direct sunlight (bedrooms are best) and away from drafts. And at the correct temperature - too cold and i

What kind of dog can live outside and does not a shed?

No dog should live outside, dogs are domesticated animals and as such live in a pack, which is you or your family. All dogs shed, but to varying degrees. Short haired dogs DO