Can a hamster live in a shed outside?

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Unless its heated, draft proof and cat proof lol no they can, or at least not recomended.
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Can you take your dwarf hamster outside?

  With caution     If the weather is nice, sure. But be aware of that Hammy, while tame in the house, may just make a break for freedom. Also, if you let him on t… (MORE)

Do hamsters live outside?

  Yes some hamster do live outside. They are wild hamsters. I DO NOT recommend trying to catch one. First of all, the wild hamster live across the world from the U.S. Sec… (MORE)

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The Chinese Hamster as a Pet

A common misconception is that the Chinese hamster is a dwarf hamster, however this is not true. The Chinese hamster makes an excellent pet and provides a level of companionsh… (MORE)

Can a hamster live outside?

yes it could live outside but it has to be secure for that it cant escape or for a bird cant eat it

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Can you keep a hamster outside?

no. think about it- a hamster outside, where birds and predators are, all that. Plus they need to be in 65-75 degree temperatures.Good luck! from A.L.B. :=)

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What kinds of hamsters don't shed?

Hamsters don't shed. Some good hamsters to own are... -Black Bear Hamsters -Teddy or Fancy Bear Hamsters -Long Hair Hamsters

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The Different Kinds of Hamsters

Hamsters are tiny, furry animals that you can keep as a pet. They are classified as rodents, however they are a step up from the rodents you may be used to. They are fun to wa… (MORE)