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Can a hamster live in a shed outside?

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Unless its heated, draft proof and cat proof lol no they can, or at least not recomended.
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Can you take your dwarf hamster outside?

  With caution     If the weather is nice, sure. But be aware of that Hammy, while tame in the house, may just make a break for freedom. Also, if you let him on t

Is a hamster allowed outside?

No. Why would you want to keep a hampster if it was just going to stay outside anyway. It needs a relatively warm area, but not too warm. You can walk the hampster, just dont

What climate hamsters live in?

You're supposed to keep them in a room that's 60 to70 degrees Fahrenheit, but hamsters have been known to survive in hotter and colder temperatures than that. You need to keep

What do you do when your dwarf hamsters shed?

I have 2 Russian dwarf hamsters, they don't shed too often. If your dwarf hamsters are shedding there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of hair shedding. Try bu

Can Syrian hamsters live with dwarf hamsters?

No. Syrian hamsters naturally lead very solitary lives and are highly territorial and therefore need to be kept in a cage of their own. Syrian hamsters turn aggressive and fig

Can a Syrian hamster live with a robo hamster?

No Syrian hamsters are very Territorial and they like to live on there own but dwarf hamsters like to live in groups or pairs otherwise they would get too lonely.

Can hamsters live with another hamster?

In wildlife most hamsters live separate. Goldhamsters only come together to breed. Russian dwarfs live with their partner, but its not a good idea to keep them together in a

How long do rabbits live when they live in a shed?

about 2 or 3 years the animal will die so put it in the house as soon as possible A pet rabbit living in a shed could live just as long as any other pet rabbit (8-12 years),

Can rats and hamsters live together?

no, because they will eat eachother it happened to my friend DONT DO IT

Where hamster live?

  hamsters live in the desert originally
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Can dogs and hamsters live together?

It may be possible but it depends what breed the dog is since some dogs are natural ratters like schnauzers for instance . And if your dog is a regular barker, then your hamst

What animal lives in a shed?

  I've seen people keep pet rabbits in a shed, but if your talking vermin, then rats do like dark sheds.