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Not a fully functioning, sexually active, egg fertilizing rooster, but they can assume the characteristics of a rooster when the flock has no male to take on the duties of guarding the flock. The Alpha hen can guard, protect and crow (almost) just like a rooster under some circumstances.
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Where can you trade roosters for hens?

  Most farmers do not need more than one or two roosters, the hen is more valuable to them for its egg production. That does not mean you cannot find a willing trader. Che

Do you have to have a rooster for your hens to lay eggs?

  No, they will lay eggs even if they don't have a rooster. If you want chicks however you have to have a rooster.   Yes chickens doo. they start to lay eggs at about

What is a good ratio of hens to rooster?

One rooster for every 10 to 15 breeding hens. This is for medium to heavy egg layers. Fighting is possible even when the ratio is much higher split flocks may be required or

How do I stop my hens atacking my rooster?

First, remove the rooster and treat his wounds. If the rooster is too young for the hens, DO NOT PUT HIM BACK IN. Wait until he is the same size as the hens or bigger. If

Will a rooster lay on a hens egg?

Roosters do not have this instinct,so they willnot.However,my rooster protects my chicks from other animals.

Do hens turn into roosters?

Yes. If there isn't a roster in the flock already then it isn't rare for a hen to turn into a rooster. They even cock-a-doole-do. I have had two hens turn into roosters becaus

Can hens have eggs without rooster?

Yes. A hen can lay eggs without a roost. However, those eggs will be infertile and will never hatch.

What are the differences between a rooster and a hen?

A hen is a female chicken over one year old, before that age they are called Pullets. A rooster is a male chicken over one year old, before that age they are called Cockerel

What do roosters do to hens?

  Roosters- or cockerels, as we call them in Britain- are essential to mate with hens in order to enable the hens to produce eggs. They also serve to protect the female br

Do hens mate with hens if there is not a rooster?

No, hens are never homosexual in nature. Not entirely true, there is one rare exception. Sex reversal has been documented in poultry where by a hen will physically transform

How can I stop my hens from attacking my rooster?

Put your rooster in a different enclosure than your hens. Or maybe get your rooster checked out by a veterinarian to see if he maybe injured which may lead your hens to target