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Can a hen become a rooster?

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Not a fully functioning, sexually active, egg fertilizing rooster, but they can assume the characteristics of a rooster when the flock has no male to take on the duties of guarding the flock. The Alpha hen can guard, protect and crow (almost) just like a rooster under some circumstances.
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How do hens and roosters copulate?

  Yes Hens and roosters mate to fertilize the eggs the hen produces

Where can you trade roosters for hens?

  Most farmers do not need more than one or two roosters, the hen is more valuable to them for its egg production. That does not mean you cannot find a willing trader. Che

What do roosters do to hens?

  Roosters- or cockerels, as we call them in Britain- are essential to mate with hens in order to enable the hens to produce eggs. They also serve to protect the female br

Do hens mate with hens if there is not a rooster?

No, hens are never homosexual in nature. Not entirely true, there is one rare exception. Sex reversal has been documented in poultry where by a hen will physically transform

Does the rooster impregnate hen with sperm?

Yes. The rooster releases a sperm packet which can last for up to 10 days within the ovary of the hen releasing sperm on each ovulation.

Do hens turn into roosters?

Yes. If there isn't a roster in the flock already then it isn't rare for a hen to turn into a rooster. They even cock-a-doole-do. I have had two hens turn into roosters becaus