Can a prison inmate get life insurance?

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I've been in the Insurance Business 30 years, my Dad & Grandfather both were too. They taught me that if the client has the money for the premium, we have the policy. What is the need for the coverage?
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Can a prison inmate be the beneficiary of a life insurance and when does he get the money?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIs there insurable interest? Is the policy already in force? What do the prison rules say?\n. \n. \n . \n If the claim is proven valid, it i

Where can i address an inmate who was released from prison?

Once he is released the prison system will not give his address to the public any more than your employer would give your address to a member of the public. If you are related

Can you purchase life insurance on a family member in prison?

You can certainly apply for an insurance policy; whether the insurance company will choose to accept your application is up to them. A family member in prison is not supportin