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Can a wife collect social security benefits on her husbands social security benefits social security?

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yes if he passes away i think
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If you remarry can your ex-wife collect your social security benefits?

Here is a link to Social Security Online, where you will find answers to such questions. Note that your ex-wife does not collect YOUR social security benefits: She may collect

How old do you have to be to collect Social Security benefits?

If you have accumulated enough work credits (typically 40) the earliest you can collect Social Security retirement benefits is 62 . At that age, your monthly payment would

Can you collect on your husbands social security?

Whether or not a woman can collect on her husbands social security depends on several factors. First, she has to be old enough or disabled. Second, she has to have been marrie

How is social security benefits funded?

Social Security benefits are funded by each individual. Taxes are taken out of their salary and paid out after they reach their retirement years. The money was supposed to be

When can you file for social security benefits?

As early as age 62. You can find all kinds of information about this by going to the SSA.gov web site use the search box for When To Start Receiving Retirement Benefits At S