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Yes; most acupuncturists utilize Auricular Therapy (ear acupuncture) with specific points that affect the brain, and the craving for nicotine. This therapy is most effectively combined with herbs that lower cravings for cigarettes and are then followed up with an herbal Lung tonic to restore the Lung health, such as White Tiger Return.
Ear acupuncture is the most common form of acupuncture treatment to help quit smoking. Consider finding an acupuncturist or community acupuncture clinic where you can receive treatment several times per week; when your cravings return, you will want to return to the acupuncturist. Often, small ear seeds can be placed with tape over the useful points in the ear, and allow you to stimulate these points at home between treatments.
It should also be taken into account that by far the most important part of quitting smoking is the desire of the smoker to quit, and their belief in them self, and their ability to succeed. For this reason it does not actually matter if the acupuncture has a physical effect or not, it's the smokers belief that it will work that is most important. This is not intended to suggest that acupuncture has no physical effects or benefits, just that by far the most important part of quitting is a positive mental attitude. As such, if the acupuncture improves the mental attitude it is "working."


Acupuncture is a recognized therapy that are very useful in curing various diseases. It is effective in quit smoking but result can vary from person to person. If person has desire to quit smoking then acupuncture can be more effective in quit smoking.
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