Can an alleged fathers name be put on a birth certificate without the alleged fathers signature?

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No unless the alledged father is present his name cannot be entered on the birth certificate, unless you take a marriage certificate
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Can an alleged father gain custody of a child without a DNA test being taken?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \n. \nNo.\n. \nBefore custodial rights, visitation rights or child support issues can be decided upon parentage must be established.\n. \nCour

Can you still receive child support from the alleged father if another person's name is on the birth certificate?

No, the father on the birth certificate is financially responsible unless proven that he's not the father by DNA. About 12 years ago in the state of NJ The court ordered m

Why does the alleged father need to terminate parental rights in Texas?

If a male is named as the father of a child when the couple are not married he cannot request the relinquishment of parental rights until paternity has been established.. If
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How do you put fathers name on the birth certificate?

Procedure depends on state law (or country if outside the USA) in the jurisdiction where the child legally resides. If you could kindly provide that information or ask your qu