Can an illegal alien give a baby up for adoption and will an adoption agency help with that process?

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Call Planned Parenthood and ask for assistance with finding adoption agencies in your area. there are many people looking to do priv
ate adoptions. that is one easier way to go about adoption. ANYONE CAN GIVE UP A CHILD FOR adoption.
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Where can you put a baby up for adoption?

Answer . There are two options. The child can be reliquished to the care of juvenile social services and become a ward of the court. Or a private attorney who specializes in adoption and is registered as such with the court of jurisdiction. Some states allow private adoption agencies which are li (MORE)

Does a 14-year-old mother have to give her baby up for adoption?

No , the girl would not have to give up her baby however if social services see that you are struggling or your mother or father say they wouldn't help you then however they might take the baby from you. But other then that it's the mothers choice. If you do want to give the baby up for adoption oyu (MORE)

If you are under 18 can your parents force you to give your baby up for adoption?

Answer . If you care about the future of your baby, it would be best to follow your parents advice. 1. Do you honestly think that you can provide for the educational and financial needs of a child? It costs a lot of money to raise a child and let's face it, you still don't have the resources to d (MORE)

Cost of giving your baby up for adoption?

There are no financial costs involved with relinquishing a childfor adoption. There may be, however, great emotional costs thatshould be closely evaluated before such a final and irrevocablestep is taken. Answer2: There is no cost to give up a baby, but states willrequire consent to be in writing an (MORE)

What use do condoms have just have the baby and then give it up for adoption?

Its called being responsible. No mother wants to give a child up for adoption, nor should she be put in a position that she has to. That is a wound that will never heal. And every child has a right to know its mother's love. If denied it the emotional scars will pervade its whole life. Few adopted c (MORE)

Why do people give up their babies for adoption?

as every mother k nows you get attached to youre child after holding him or her just one time but when you love somthin so much but you know you cant properly care f for the child so you give it up up for adoption even though this gives you painbut you know that its for thebest even though at the ti (MORE)

If you are currently working with an adoption agency but have signed no papers concerning placing your baby up for adoption can you change your mind at time of birth?

YES! Sign NOTHING. Keep your baby! They cannot take your child until you sign. DON'T SIGN. And while you're at it, don't let them IN the hospital, keep them out, try parenting and don't let anyone guilt you into making any type of adoption plan. PAP's will get another baby, this is NOT about them. T (MORE)

Where can one give their baby up for adoption?

Contact a local adoption agency. They can arrange prospectiveadoptive parents and meeting to discuss the options you haveregarding the idea. You can also talk to the hospital social worker where you have yourbaby. They are trained to help you not only in making yourdecision, but also in helping you (MORE)

Should pregnant teens give their baby up for adoption?

i do think they should keep their baby if they are ready for it. If they know it for a fact that they do not want to give their baby up and wants to keep it then teens if you are in the middle of junior high or high school find a trusted adult to watch your baby through out the day and when you get (MORE)

What is adoption agencies?

Adoption agencies in British Columbia facilitate both local and international adoptions. They are all licensed by the Provincial Government and provide adoption services throughout British Columbia. Here is an adoption recource site that gives more detail: (MORE)

How do you make a friend not give their baby up for adoption?

I think you have to respect her decisison. She´s the one who has tolive with it and not you. To make that decision is never easy andshe probably didn´t make it without a lot of thinking back andforth. If the future shows she has made a mistake that will be onher. And I´m sure she knows that (MORE)

Can my father make you give your baby up for adoption if you are 16?

No, you are the guardian of the child even as a minor. No one canmake you do anything unless you prove to be a unfit parent.Yourfather or even the father of the child can not make you give up thechild for adoption. Answer2: Your father cannot make you give up your baby. What he maybe is overwhelmed (MORE)

Does an illegal immigrant father have rights to his American born baby if the American mother gives the baby up for adoption to her family?

You are addressing two unique problems. Illegal immigrant status and a mother who is putting a child up for adoption. The mother, by law in most states cannot give a child up for adoption without the father's permission. (If the mother is under age this is another hurdle you will need to face.) Y (MORE)

Can a parent force an underage child to give up baby for adoption?

If a child is underage, there are ways a parent/guardian can force their child to arrange an adoption. However, it is always better to compromise and negotiate with children, even if they are not responsible enough to make that kind of decision, they are entitled to be educated and warned of the pos (MORE)

Can you give your baby up for adoption at the hospital?

no, not at the spur of the moment, you need to make pre-arrangements. But if it is arranged and legal and all , Yes it happens that way often, usually after 48 hrs are given to birth mother , to give her a chance to decide for sure. I am looking into adopting a baby girl if anyone is looking for (MORE)

How do you give up trouble adoptive teen after adoption?

I have to wonder if you would give up your child if you had given birth to him. Anyone can give up their parental rights and if so the teen will end up in foster care until he is 18 and then he's on his own. You just contact the agency again. i do urge you to try every other way out though. Adoptive (MORE)

What are the pros and cons of giving up your Down syndrome baby for adoption?

The Ups 'n Downs of Giving Up Your Down Syndrome Baby WikiAnswers contributors share their thoughts on this sensitive topic: . Although the pain, suffering, and regret of giving up a child are DEFINITELY cons, if the baby has not yet been born, then you don't know if the baby really had dow (MORE)

Can you make your 15 year old daughter give her baby up for adoption in tn?

Not in any state is anyone but the female carrying the fetus decide what to with it. trying to force her to is illegal. She will need a lot of support to do this and only if she or the father are unfit as parents will the state take the child in custody. You had her and I'm sure you can imagine how (MORE)

Why do people want to give their baby up for adoption?

Didn't want to have a baby, had it by accident, didn't want to killa new life. Or, they don't have enough money to take care of it.Or, in the very very very very rare case, they may just hate theirbaby's traits. Answer also: I read it's also because parents may lack thefinancial means to raise a c (MORE)

What can you do with your baby besides giving it up for adoption?

How about loving and caring for it? The child didn't ask to come into this world, and as an adopted child myself, I can say that when you find out your adopted, your life starts getting really strange. And NOT in a good way. I'm sorry if I come across as pushy, or rude as these are not my intenti (MORE)

Why do people give their baby up for adoption?

They don't feel ready to parent yet, They can't take care of the child themselves due to finances, school etc. The court find them unfit to parent. They never wanted a child and found out too late they were pregnant. The father left so now they don't think they can be a single parent. The (MORE)

Should you keep your baby or give him up for adoption?

My Dear, this is a choice only you and the father can make. You are the ones who have to live with the decision so no one else can make that for you. It's not easy to give up a baby nor is it fair to keep it if you are not capable of caring for him in the best way. Make a list of how your life will (MORE)

What should a 15yr old girl do if she wants to keep her baby but her mom wants her to give it up for adoption Is there help out there for her if her mom kicks her out?

Well first off, do not let your mother tell you what to do if you don't agree. It is your child and it is your choice. Good for you for trying to get help. I suggest seeking the help of a friend if you are kicked out. Try and get support from the father of the baby. Talk to a school counsellor, I am (MORE)