Can bankruptcy clear an SSI overpayment?

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No, monies owed pertaining to public benefits either federal or state are not dischargeable under bankruptcy laws.
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Can you file bankruptcy against a social security overpayment debt?

Answer . It depends. Any overpayments or funds received by fraud from any state or federal agency cannot be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or in a Chapter 13 bankru

How do you clear your name after bankruptcy?

Improve you credit after Bankruptcy . You don't need to "clear your name" after Bankruptcy, the stigma isn't what it used to be. There's a common myth that once declared ba

How long does It take to clear bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is never really cleared. Companies usually stopconsidering it as an issue for credit, after seven years. It stillremains in many consumer reports.

Who can help to clear off bankruptcy off your credit report?

You mean who can legally change an accurate reporting of the past, that is maintained in tightly controlled data systems and the public records of the courts? No one. But y

Clear title on a vehicle that has a bankruptcy against it in California?

Bankruptcy affects debts and creditors, not vehicles. A debtor owning a vehicle exempts it or the equity in it if there is a car loan. The debt is reaffirmed. This is all part

File overpayment of unemployment benefits in Bankruptcy?

You probably won't get any protection/relief for that.. First, overpayments and amounts due to most governmental agencies are given a very high priority.. Second, and more i

Can bankruptcy clear traffic tickets?

No. Under any type of bankruptcy scheme that you may have filed, traffic citations of any kind are not included and you are still legally obligated to pay them. Additionally

Does bankruptcy clear parking tickets?

If they were listed as a debt they may be cleared. The city would certainly make their claim against the debtor. It would be up to the judge to accept or deny the claim.

Can social security disability overpayment be discharged if I file Bankruptcy?

Social Security Disability is, of course, a payment from a federal agency. While there is no rule specifically on Social Security Disability, the general rule is that any fund

Can you declare bankruptcy for overpayment for unemployment?

No. You can file for bankruptcy for debts to be discharged. If you are being asked to repay the overpayment, that is a debt.Whether it can be discharged or not depends on whet