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Can doctors measure your penis if you asked them?

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Of course they can! Doctors will always try to help you out best they can.
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Is it legal for your employer to ask who your doctor is?

Answer . \nIt is not illegal for your employer to ask who your doctor is. It is illegal for your doctor to give out your information without your consent. \n. \nMany plac

How do you measure your penis?

The following is the correct way to measure a penis: Use a cloth measuring tape or length of string. To measure the length, hold one end against the abdomen just above t

Can a doctor ask a patient out?

It is actually ILLEGAL for a doctor to ask a patient out in there place of work, Whether it being a clinic or Hospital, However they can out of work.

Is it wrong to ask a women Dr to measure your penis?

As she is a doctor , and if you are not at all shy , you can ask her it is er job of looking after patients. But this you should do yourself. You can not ask her to measure

Can you show your penis to a doctor?

Yes. Doctors are trained to look at every part of your body. They can help you with any problem you may have and can even detect some problems you may not know you have. And y

Can you ask a doctor for twins?

I think you must be clear in the issue for your question. Did you mean can you ask a doctor if you can have twins or for a method that increases the chances of you having twin

Can you ask a doctor where you are at on puberty?

If you are interested in what phase of puberty you are in you can most certainly ask your doctor. There are several different criteria they will use to determine how far along

Can you ask which doctor an employee has an appoint with?

No But You can demand a Doctors note for an absence and it must come on a Doctors letter head. This is because what doctor and why your employee is visiting is none of your
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Can a patient ask a doctor out on a date?

Yes but if the patient is a patient of that doctor, the doctorwould HAVE to refuse. Doctors, like everyone else, have a rite to a private life and cango out on dates. However