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I'm a nurse and used to work in the ER. We would get kids in who had ingested bleach or adults who drank it inadvertently. It won't kill you but if it's not diluted at all it can be corrosive to your throat and burn if you have open sores in your mouth.
Let's just say that drinking bleach is'nt good for you.
yes if you drink enough because it contains all types of chemicals and poisons

Yes drinking bleach can and will kill you.
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Did Nadia Comanice drink bleach?

No. She did not drink bleach. If you read her biography you can see that one day she was fed up with everyone telling her how to do things and while she was doing her laundry

Can people drink bleach?

I have never seen bleach on any menu. You can die drinking bleach.

Can you die from drinking bleach?

Yes you can and if you would survive you will have big damages done to your body everywhere the bleach has touched you inside.

If you drink bleach can you have a miscarriage?

It will burn a hole in your stomach and get you to the emergency room before you miscarry. You would die or end up with a colostomy bag! So yes, you would probably miscarry wh

Can you kill bacteria in your stomach by drinking bleach?

DO NOT CONSIDER TRYING THIS!    The bleach will severely injure you mouth, throat, and vocal cords  long before reaching your stomach. You will almost certainly need 

How much bleach can you drink to have a miscarriage?

Don't even consider that. If you need to terminate a pregnancy, go see an Ob/Gyn doctor, don't look in the cleaning cupboard. Drinking bleach will be mainly toxic to you, long

What injuries can drinking bleach cause?

  bleach casues little to no harm and is often used as a mixer in cocktails. it can cause your insides to become whiter however, and as some people feel this has racial ov

How much bleach do you have to drink to get clean?

ABSOLUTELY NONE - Bleach is VERY poisonous and drinking even a small amount will at best make you VERY ill and at worst will kill you after an extremely painful decline.

Can drinking bleach clean out your system?

No, but in high concentrations it can burn your mouth, throat and esophagus, and it can make you sick as a dog. There are several urban legends about what you can use to cle

Can you drink bleach to kill a unborn baby?

Answer . Not only that, it will kill you as well! Don't do it!!! Please seek help - things always have a solution that you may not be able to see right now. There are lots

What will happen to you if you drink bleach?

If a small amount is drunk, the surface of the mouth and esophagus would be damaged and the acid in the stomach would react the the bleach, causing an upset stomach. Some chlo