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Can fresh mango salsa be frozen?

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Freezing salsa changes the texture of the product. While mangos can be frozen they do take on a slightly different texture when thawed. The other ingredients in the salsa also soften and break down when frozen then thawed. Best to make enough for one week's use and make fresh again later.
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Can unpeeled mangoes be frozen?

Answer . Yes they can. Similar to peaches. They sell frozen Mango slices in the stores now.

How long will salsa stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Answer   I have made fresh salsa many many many times and I can tell you that if you are not using any kind of preservatives or if you are not using proper canning method

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peel mango. slice into 5-10mm widths, and cut into cubes. quarter a cucumber lengthways, remove seeds, slice and chop slightly smaller. really finely dice a shallot. deseed an

How do you remove salt from mango shrimp avocado salsa?

Add water in the salsa, let that sit for 30 minutes, then prepare a bowl of dry rice. Put some of the rice (enough relative to the water) and let that sit for as long as possi

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Can fresh mozzarella be frozen?

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Can chinchillas eat fresh mangos?

Chinchillas digestive systems can't digest fruits and vegetables  very well, so they have a high chance of getting sick if you feed  them mangos. They eat lot's of dry foods