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Can gypsy tears really prevent AIDS?

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No, unfortunately.

While there are certain things in life that are unexplainable gypsy tears is not known to prevent AIDS, but learning about sexually transmitted diseases before deciding to have a sexual relationship is a wise move.

  • use condoms when having sex
  • don't share needles to inject drugs
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Can you get AIDS from tears?

No, there is not enough HIV virus in tears to pass on to another. Always use condoms when having sex, and never share drug needles with someone else.

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How do you prevent aids or the virus?

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Which enzyme in tears prevents infection?

Your tears contain the enzyme lysozyme. This enzyme acts by disrupting the cell-walls of gram-positive bacteria by digesting the peptidoglycan in them, thereby preventing infe

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No! Nelly does NOT have aids and why would you even wanna know something like that are you a stalker or something...

How do tears prevent pathogens?

Tears are secretions of lacrimal glands from the eyes which contain  an enzyme lysozyme, which is bactericidal and kills pathogenic  bacteria by destroying the cell wall of

Can gypsy tears cure aids or any other disease?

    absolutely! I used to have AIDS. I was dying of AIDS for 2 years when I met a roaming gypsy lady. I immediately stabbed her to steal her tears...I put them in a j

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Prevention and cure for HIV and aids?

There is no cure. Prevention is to avoid all sexual and/or blood contact with any person who has the disease.

How do tears prevent disease?

Tears contain lysozymes, which are enzymes that are part of our natural defense to any pathogens that may be present. Lysozymes do what their name implies, they "lyse" any bac

How can you prevent the transmission of HIV and AIDS?

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