Can having a zero balance credit card that you do not use hurt your credit scores?

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Yes if you do not use an they close you're account, but not really either way.
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Does it hurt your credit to close a credit card account that has a zero balance and is in good standing?

Credit scores are calculated based on ALL the information showing in your credit at the time they are requested. In addition, they factor in "open" accounts in certain areas.

Does transferring credit card balances affect your credit score?

Transferring balances \n. \nTransferring the balance doesn't usually affect credit. You actually will be better off doing this for those cards that were closed by the compa

Can having a zero-balance credit card that you do not use hurt your credit scores?

Yes, if they sit with zero balance continuously, they can and often do. Close them out if you can otherwise, make small purchases each month (ex: fill your gas tank once a mon

Does carrying a balance on a 0 percent card hurt your credit score?

Amounts of debt in relation to available credit (the credit limit) is one of the factors used in establishing credit scores. Scoring software does not factor in the interest r

Does it hurt your credit score to not use credit cards?

To answer your question its possible! If you don't use the credit card it is possible that the credit card company will closed your account and for inactivity and this is bad

Does having more than one credit card improve your credit score or hurt it?

It can improve it since having a high percentage of credit limit can lower the score. Better to split the expenses and use about half of each cards limit and then pay each onl

I just got a new credit card. I dont have any credit cards other then this one. If I cancel this credit card that is new with zero balance will it affect my credit score?

Everything you do related to credit cards will affect your credit. My advice would be to leave the credit card account open and here's why; While just cancelling your credi

Does a zero dollar balance on a credit card help your credit score?

Usually, yes - at least temporarily. But if your credit card balance is always zero, it tends to pull the score down over time. Best use of credit is to have two cards, and us