Can house plants grow with sea water?

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No. The salt in the water causes cellular damage which kills them.
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Why sea water should not be used to house plant?

Answer Sea Water is salty and might not be useful for watering house plants because salt will ruin the plant by osmosis due to water potential differences. So, better to use

What is the easiest house plant to grow?

If you get the soil right and don't water the plant too much or too little, most ivies, spider plants and others you find at the supermarket will do fine. The very easiest is

Information growing house plants?

This is a broad topic. I'd suggest starting with common house plants such as the African violet or Peace lily. They're easy and not fussy. You need to consider the following

Why does sea water kill plants?

The reason why this is, is mainly because ocean water is filled with salt that has dissolved into it and salt kills most plants.

Which plants live in sea water?

Seaweed is a kind of plant called alga that lives in salty water. Algae can be red, brown, green, or blue, but they still contain chlorophyll for making food from sunlight. So

What kind of house plant can grow in water?

You can grow many of the vining plants in water by taking cuttings off of a mature plant. Here are some types: . Creeping charlie . Coleus . Pothos (philodendron) . Wa

How do grasses grow in sea water?

They grow at depths that allow them enough light to photosynthesize. They use sunlight and dissolved carbon dioxide and release oxygen the way land plants do, using this same

Can house plants grow in a closet?

The two main requirements for any growing plant are to provide light and water. If plants are deprived of light they grow very long and spindly in their urge to seek light. So