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Can i use the 3D glasses from movie theaters for my 3D TV?

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For any passive 3D television, the 3D glasses from movie theaters will work.
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Do you need 3D glasses with a 3D tv?

Currently, all commercial 3D televisions require glasses. There are some concept models that do not require glasses but they are not in full production and are not considered

Do 3D glasses from movie theaters work on 3d TVs?

This is from the VIZIO website   Product OverviewBring the movie theater 3D experience home!* VIZIO Theater 3D Glasses are lightweight, comfortable, and battery-free, deliv

Can I use 3d tv glasses as my eye sight specs?

No dear, you cannot use your 3d tv glasses as your eye specs. Since, 3d tv glass is using special film on their lenses which will not allow you to use as an eye specs.

Which 3D TV glasses are comfortable in use?

Most 3D glasses are comfortable. LG claim that their glasses are the most comfortable because they use cheap lightweight polarizing types. However, active glasses are just as

Which 3d TV glass is appropriate and comfortable to use?

It depends on the 3D television you own. If you own a Samsung, then Samsung glasses are appropriate. Similarly for Sony and Panasonic use glasses designed for the models. The

What type of batteries do 3D TV glasses use?

Most active 3D glasses use lithium batteries. They are the smallest batteries currently available for this type of application with a high energy storage for their size. They

Can I use 3D glasses from theaters for my LG Cinema 3D?

Yes, they work nicely. But LG Cinema 3D already gives you four pairs for each set, right? The LG Cinema 3D TV glasses cost less than twenty bucks, so I think the price is quit

Is there a glasses-free 3D TV?

Glasses free 3D is at an experimental stage at present. The few examples are expensive and not impressive quality either. It will improve and the costs will come down in the f

Are Samsung 3D TVs as good as movie theater 3Ds?

No televisions are currently as good as the movie theater 3D systems because their resolution is limited to 1080 lines. Theater systems operate at higher resolutions. However