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Can marijuana help ease pain caused by scoliosis?

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Yes i have scoliosis and i smoke weed every day. Tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) is by far the most effective, cleanest pain killer I've ever experienced.
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In what way does morphine help to ease pain?

\nIt's effect at the -receptors in the central nervous system is said to be responsible for analgesia, euphoria, dependence potential and respiratory depressions. Morphine als

Is there a drug you can take to help ease the pain of breakup?

There's no Tylenol for the heart. Sure, you can take some stuff that will dull your mind for a while, but that is not the way to heal. When you come back, it'll all still be t

How does marijuana help pain?

Marijuana has two categories. They are Indica strains or Sativa strains. Indica does help with pain especially in conjuction with prescription opiates. It gives the mellow rel

Why does scoliosis cause constant pain?

The spine is a very sensitive part of the body, and scoliosis is the curviture of the spine, it may hurt, plus, the curviture may crush other organs, causing the pain, also.

Does marijuana help arthritis pain?

yes it does help arthritis pain if you don't believe me follow link http://www.medical-marijuana-testimonials.org/arthritis-and-medical-marijuana.htm

Can marijuana help back pain?

It can take your mind off of it. But much healthier options include spending time with others, reading a book, solving puzzles...

If you get shot will marijuana help the pain?

Answer . No! Answer . Marijuana definitely does not work as a pain reliever, no. If anything, it makes pain worse, since it enhances all of your senses.

Does scoliosis cause neck pain?

Scoliosis is caused by a breakdown in structure or function. Both scoliosis and list will cause varying degrees of pain, ranging from mild to severe and affecting the neck, ba